One Share Bathroom

Design Ideas for bathroom renovation

Design Ideas for bathroom renovation that will help you. The bathroom needs to have a renovation when it becomes a hindrance rather than a convenience. This is the busiest room in the morning when everyone has to rush for work, school and if design hinders from moving freely and everything seems to be a mess then it is time to renovate that bathroom. Bathroom renovation can range from changing the tile designs, sinks, tubs and even faucets. It can get an updated look by simple ways like changing the mirror design, mounting floating shelves on the walls and adding some open cabinets to store bath essentials. We’ve come up with finished product of renovated bathrooms that can give you ideas on what best to do.

1. One Share Bathroom

One Share Bathroom

If the bathroom is a shared one, then putting on two sinks is a better idea than just having one. These two blue sinks look fantastic on the wooden base it is placed. The shelves below the base give ample storage space.

2. Bright Colored Red Curtains Placement

Bright Colored Red Curtains Placement

The bright colored red curtains placed on the window made this white bathroom come alive. A simple décor as a curtain can do wonders for giving a new look to the bathroom. Accessories placed on floating shelves will also do the trick.

3. Sleek and Clean Renovated Bathroom

Sleek and Clean Renovated Bathroom

This renovated bathroom looks sleek and clean. The tub’s look was updated by enclosing it in black bath tiles. The contrast of the black tiles of the tub against the white bath tiles on the walls made this bathroom look fantastic.

4. Free Standing Shelves

Free Standing Shelves

The use of free standing shelves can help to make the bathroom free from clutter. Clutter makes it messy and dirty and bathrooms need to have a clean and sleek look to make it beautiful.

5. Simple Bathroom Shower Head

Simple Bathroom Shower Head

A simple step like changing your shower head goes a long way to updating the look of the bathroom. This is a great idea for rentals. Go for energy saving shower heads.

6. Bathroom Lovely Result

Bathroom Lovely Result

You will be surprised with the lovely result in your bathroom with a simple change of toilet seat. This comes in different colors and you can change color to contrast or to blend it with the interior design.

7. Practical Shower Curtains

Practical Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are one of the most important decor in the bathroom and practical as well. There are now non toxic shower curtains that are beautifully designed to give oomph to the bathroom.

8. Decorative Bathroom Design

Decorative Bathroom Design

Decorate the walls of the bathroom to make it come alive. Rentals can be tricky but you can opt out by using decals as temporary wall designs to perk up the image.

9. Fantastic Rug Decor

Fantastic Rug Decor

Area rugs are fantastic decors that could bring personality to a room. Using it in the bathroom to contrast or blend to the interior will update the look. There are now eco friendly rugs that would be a fantastic addition to your bathroom.

10. Mirror Concept Bathroom

Mirror Concept Bathroom

Bathrooms cannot do without mirrors. They do not only look lovely but practical as well. Their lovely designs can even be the focal point of the room.

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