Colored Children bedroom

Decorations to Brighten your Small Bathroom

A small bathroom can become even more suffocating if it is cluttered and in disarray. It is still important that we are able to prettify our bathrooms. A bathroom should be a space for relaxation and release, which is why as much as possible it should be clean and have decorations that are practical and beautiful.

A small bathroom need not become a big problem. With proper decoration and design, your small bathroom can stand to its function of providing comfort and a place to relax and release tension. Always go for simple yet artistic pieces as they make the bathrooms look more spacious and wide.  Here are some ideas on decorating a small bathroom to make it conducive for relaxation.

1. White And Yellow Small Bathroom Decorating

Contemporary small bathroom decorating picture

Choose a color theme for your bathroom. It would be best to choose vibrant or lively colors as they tend to make the bathroom look brighter. Have bathroom pieces in the shades of the color theme you chose for your bathroom.

2. White And Green Small Bathroom

White And Green Small Bathroom

It is great if you mix two colors together like white and green, or others. You can have your tiles in white color while other key pieces like shower curtains and rugs can be in the other color. This gives a variety to the look of your bathroom. Having a color theme improves the appearance of your bathroom making it vibrant and not drab.

3.  Bathroom Decorating Idea With Artistic Patterned Tiles

The tiles brighten the room

Tile patterns can also serve as a good decorating strategy for your bathroom. Create patterns using different tiles or tile mosaic. You can also go for tiles with designs in them. Artistic patterns add character to your bathroom.

  1.  Create patterns using small tiles

Colored Children bedroom

Smaller sized tiles are good for small bathrooms. They create an illusion of bigger floor space. It is also easier to create patterns using small tiles. As a result you can have a spacious looking and artistic bathroom.

5.  Small Bathroom With White Hanging Storage

Small bathroom with white hanging storage design ideas

Storage spaces must also be nice looking while serving their purpose well. Go for designs that go well with the look and theme of your bathroom. Also try to go for simple and uncomplicated designs, as complicated fixtures make the room more crowded. Hanging storage spaces are great for small spaced bathrooms as they don’t take up floor space.

6. Bathroom Shelf Decorating

Bathroom shelf decorating idea with wall mirror

If you’d like to have a big shelf for all your storage needs it would be better if you put one on a corner of your bathroom. This way you can be sure that all your things are in one place. Arrange towels on the shelves and have boxes for the storage of other bathroom essentials like soaps, shampoos, and others. Have a hanging rack located near your sink to hang all your bathroom essentials that can be hanged.

  1.  Arranging your Bathroom Essentials in boxes

Bathroom Essentials

Arranging your essentials in boxes can be a great way to organize your bathroom. You can put together products according to their use and label the boxes. This also helps a lot especially if you’re looking for things, it would be easier to locate products and the stuff that you need.

8. Modern Bathroom Interior with Storage Space

Bathroom storage and wall space

Utilize the spaces under the sink as storage spaces. This way you can have additional storage space while making your bathroom look even more beautiful. You can have shelves or drawers and have your sink attached on the top surface.

9.  Dark Wooden Bathroom Decorating

Dark wooden bathroom with  unique sink and toilet bowl

Use bathroom fixtures such as sink and toilet bowl that have unique yet simple design. Artsy fixtures add more charm to your bathroom. There are different materials used in this fixtures, choose the right one that would fit in to the whole look of your bathroom.

10. Small Apartment Bathroom

 bathroom fixtures

Make sure that your bathroom fixtures blend well with each other. See to it that the sink and the toilet are of the same material. Also put in mind that the whole bathroom should look well put together and organized. Don’t stray too far from the bathroom theme when choosing decorations and fixtures.

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