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It’s all in the mind as what they say. If you have a small bathroom, there’s no need to be sad because the great thing about interior designs is it helps solve problems like this.Whether you plan on redesigning your bathroom or constructing a new one, there are list of things to consider before coming up with a final decision. You need to be assured of what and how you wanted your bathroom to be. Check out the following tips on the important things to consider when redesigning or constructing small bathrooms.

1.       Keep storage units suspended

For you to maximize your bathroom space, it would be advisable to hang most of the bathroom essentials. Through this, the floor will look expansive creating an illusion that you have a larger bathroom than it really is.

Bathroom Storage

bathroom sheving

Bathroom Door storage

Custom vanities and storage cabinets

Look for storage behind the doors, over the toilet, or any available surface. The first picture shows how suspended storage units can make your things more accessible to you. The second image shows a storage sack behind the door. This positively helps organize your bathroom essentials without consuming extra space.

2. Choose pastel colors.

Country Style bathroom

Country Style bathroom

Pastel Blue Bathroom Interiors

pastel blue bathroom

Prefer a wall and floor color that is cool, like pastel. Dark colors should be avoided because it makes a room look crowded. Play with different patterns that would emphasize a cute bathroom. Warm or cool tones depending on what suits your style. With regards to the wall and floor, you can use a bead board, wainscoting, or tiles. Avoid contrast on your floor tile and wall tiles to avoid emphasizing the size of your bathroom. You can also use bath mat with cool colors to complement the general appearance of the bathroom.The images above show how pastel colors can help enhance the feeling of relaxation in a bathroom.

3.  Go for small sized fixtures

Small Bathroom sink

small sink

Wonderful Small Bathroom Fixtures

modern small bathroom fixtures

The size of the fixtures must be appropriate to the measure of the space. Go for small vanities, tub, and showers.

The images below show multifunctional small-sized fixtures. The first image illustrates a small vanity with a vessel sink on top and a small mirror attached to the pastel-colored wall. On the other hand, notice that on the second image, that there is a small towel holder attached to the wall and small sink faucet. The sizes definitely complement the scale of the small bathroom.

4.  Make sure there is Proper illumination in your bathroom

Bathroom Lighting

bright bathroom lighting

Zen Influence Candle Lighting For Bathroom

zen calming bathroom

Lighting And Colours

modern bathroom

Lighting and colors create visually wider bathroom. Likewise, lighting should be bright enough because it makes the room look bigger.The two images above show clever and creative ideas on how you can install bright lights in your bathroom. You can also make use of candles which is less expensive compared to the traditional light bulbs. Candles offer a more natural light and give us a homey feeling especially, when we are using the bathtub.

5.       Use a larger mirror.

beautiful bathroom mirror

It is known that mirrors can create a visual illusion of a more expansive area than what your bathroom really. It also makes the room look brighter.

6.       Lastly, clean up the clutter.

clean bathroom

If there are many unused things in your bathroom, get rid of them. Unnecessary things can be stored in your vanities or in other areas of your house. Remember that we trying to make a small bathroom look more spacious, so it would be better to place only functional things in your bathroom.

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