In most cases people say decorating a small space is not that easy. But that is not always the case if you get everything right in advance before your start you remodelling and interior designing for your small bathroom. Decorating a small bathroom sometimes means spending less on the entire project.  Big bathroom need big budget at times and small bathroom a small reasonable budget.  The ideas below are here to help decide and plan wisely for your small bathroom.

Choosing the appropriate decorations and design for a small-spaced bathroom can be challenge. The exact space of your bathroom should be known to you before you purchase fixtures, vanity and sink. Your decorating ideas for small bathrooms should be simple, neat and sophisticated. If you are looking for tips on how you can decorate your small bathroom, below are 10 images you can choose from. Enjoy!

Choose appropriate lighting

  1. Green pastel colored Bathroom

Green pastel colored Bathroom

The green pastel colored room is coupled by the white toilet and floor tiles. These make the room look brighter and wider. Notice the glass vessel sink on the glass countertop. There is also a stunning vertical storage for bathroom decorations like the flower. Moreover, the gorgeous frame of the wall mirror makes the room look dramatic.

  1.  Adding bright lights in Bathroom

Modern custom bathroom

Adding bright lights to your bathroom will surely enhance its appearance. Using track lighting will lead to a perception of bigger room like the image above. Notice the symmetrical placement of the lights above the mirror that improves its reflection. Likewise, notice the vessel sink in the glamorous vanity. The mosaic floor tile also is an attraction.

Avoid Clutter

  1. Bathroom decorations well-organized

modern bathroom

Keeping your decorations well-organized or hidden will help create the illusion of bigger space. Avoiding clutter creates a lot of trick. Notice that this bathroom design looks shimmering and sophisticated with brown and silver color. The vessel sink on top of the glamorous vanity looks stunning. The floating sink and cabinets also adds floor space.

  1. Super groovy masterpiece

great shower curtains

This white bathroom is neat and stylish with the vanities and cabinets to store bathroom essentials. The continuous tiles on the floor look chic and clean.

Use floating cubbies, shelves or vanities

  1. Efficient Use of Space for Sink

Efficient Use of Space for Sink

The design above shows a wooden floating cabinet with vessel sink. The elegant cabinet has layers and a mirror attached to it. The fixtures are also attached to the cabinet. Aside from that the neutral tones of the tiles improves light quality.

  1. Balinese Influenced Bath

Balinese Influenced Bath

This functional and stylish floating shelf is a nice way to add to your list of decorations. You can place your towels and other essentials in this area without occupying much space.

Use pastel colors

Simple powder bath

Zen, organic, or spa

Pastel colors look cool and attractive particularly in small spaces. The light green color above creates a refreshing and homey feeling. The design above is also a nice way to maximize your limited space with floating vanities, toilet and shelves.

  1.  Pale blue colored bathroom

beach style bathroom

This pale blue colored bathroom is splendid and invigorating. The niche lighting above the toilet adds better illumination to the room. Moreover, the pedestal sink is complemented by the faucet and circular mirror.

Keep your small bathroom simple

  1. Nice Bathroom Vanity

same colour Shower tile and countertop

Another tip for small-spaced bathroom is to keep the design simple. Putting too much pieces and decorations in your bathroom will make it look crowded. The image above shows a simple yet trendy bathroom with ceramic tiles. Notice that there aren’t too many things included in this design. The fixtures are of small size and give a contrast to the tile color.

10.  Grey And white Contemporary Bathroom

cantemporary bathroom

Notice the simple and elegant the bathroom above. The bright colored tiles are accented by the glass chandelier. The small sink, toilet and faucet are of small sizes allowing for other pieces to be displayed like the flowers and candles.

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