Custom bathrooms designs Ideas

Bathrooms are a necessity in our homes, a place we spend time everyday and a place for us to indulge and relax. Size irrelevant, because of a bathroom’s purpose, we must turn them into places we can enjoy spending time and that love the way they look and feel. The only way to achieve that status is with a custom bathroom designed and created especially for you and your requirements of function and style.

En suites, WCs, and master bathrooms, each has a different meaning and a different role to play in your home, which can be either emphasised or scuppered with interior design. We’re here to help you make the most of your bathroom.

Let us take you around ten beautifully stunning custom bathrooms of all shapes and sizes as examples of what can be achieved when you adapt a bespoke frame of mind and create your own unique Custom bathroom:

1. Grand and elegant bathroom

Ornate furniture works

This awe inspiring bathroom is one of a kind. Ornate furniture works well in a large room and the sunken bath is truly unique.

2. Vintage Pastel bathroom

vintage style  bathroom

Freestanding baths are back en vogue today, make yours look adorable with lots of pastel colours and a chic marble floor.

3. Love your curves

bathtub on floor

This unusual bathroom could pose a threat to interior design, but these owners have managed to get it right with great spacing, artwork and lighting.

4. Wooden charm

wooden frame mirror

Your colours don’t have to coordinate perfectly. Paint your wooden panels to your own colour, but leave out parts for a quirky and mismatched look.

5. Glass and mirrors

Glass and mirrors

If you have the space, change the layout of your bathroom to add double sinks and showers. It’s luxury, and guaranteed to save you time on a morning!

6. Unique pieces

custom bathroom

For a completely personalised look, add one off features to your bathroom that can’t be recreated or aren’t easily available to purchase, like this unusual yet gorgeous green tabletop sink.

7. Custom built cabinetry

granite bathroom table

Achieve a sleek and fitted aesthetic in your bathroom by custom fitting cabinets to your exact requirements. A wall sized mirror can make your smaller bathroom feel huge, too.

8. Corner bath

Corner bath

Installing a corner bath gives you a larger bath space and a bit of a more luxurious feel, and frees up wall space for cabinets and radiators.

9. Chic mahogany

Chic mahogany

Dark wood looks incredible in bathrooms because it creates a contrast to the paleness and clean lines usually associated with those rooms. For a funky and luxurious twist, add ornate items like draper curtains and light fittings.

10. Custom storage

Custom storage

Bathroom storage is important for keeping order in a bathroom but we often disregard it. Adding drawers and cupboards to your bathroom will help keep things clean and tidy.

At the end of the day, how you decorate your bathroom is entirely your choice. But we can’t help thinking how much more enjoyment and reward you will achieve if you design your bathroom to your exact requirements, and go bespoke. No two people are the same, therefore no two bathrooms should ever be.

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