small bathroom accessorie arrangement

Creating A Functional bathroom design

Re-configuring Bathroom’s Design in a More Functional Way

Bathroom is one special place in the house. This is where we entrust our private activities and most of all addresses all our hygienic needs. We like it clean and fresh smelling. This where we pamper ourselves as we run hot bath shower all over our bodies. It is a favorite spot where we can enjoy our full privacy and when we go and leave this place, it gives us fully refreshed and clean. So, it is important that we take good care in designing our bathroom and make this work for us. A good bathroom design is one which you can embrace and has all the features you need no matter how small it is.

1. Take a vertical view.

smal space bathroom

Image by: decorology
• It means maximizing the upper space of the room like the picture below. The nicely installed horizontal bars provide space where you can place your towel and other bathroom needs. A way to make it distinctive and elegant is displaying picture frames. The other image is fully loaded. A layer-by-layer storage creates a neat and organized arrangement.

2. Recognize a potential spot for more storage.

maximising space in a small bathroom

Image by: decorology

• That unrecognized space is perfect to store your favorite books. The natural light coming from the window is enough to give you light to read your book. Who can think of this smart way of organizing those little pieces in this neat and amazing look? Such cabinet space is used to place all those pieces in segregated section, all hanged that it makes it real appealing and worth adopting.

3. Position every bathroom piece for your convenience.

small-bathrooms-design ideas

Image by: goodshomedesign
• This space, small though, provides real convenience in the way all bathroom furniture pieces are positioned in its respective spots. The shower functionally installed within your reach can be pulled away and be returned to its holder anytime while you lay flat or sitting on the tub immersed in warm water. You can readily reach out your bathing needs, i.e. the towel and bottles of shampoo and liquid soap.


Image by: Ikea

• This provides a sleek look at the surface of your sink top. All those small bathroom pieces of soap and other facial cleansers and body vanity devices can be well kept in that storage. It keeps your bathroom organized and clutter-free.

5. Maximize every space where you can store and organize all your bathroom needs.

small bathroom accessorie arrangement

Image by: Ikea
• That small magnetic organizer is quick to attract your small cleaning and beauty devices. It saves you time and keeps your memory so crisp as this is a perfect place where you can store rightly these small items by so-quick-a-click approach and then pull them instantly whenever you need them. The bathroom organizer at the left is perfectly installed at a 90-degree angle, a space maximized just right under a shower. All your shower needs are rightly within your reach.

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