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Create Your Dream Bathroom Using These 10 Unusual Wash Basin Ideas

In order to create your dream bathroom you should make it a point to install wash basins that are simple, functional and yet contemporary. This article is going to put forward around 10 unusual wash basin ideas for you which are inspired by things like technological innovations, the natural world, water conservation techniques and so on.

Have you ever thought that wash basins actually come in a variety of looks that would really entice us? Yes, they do. In fact, today we will be showcasing a series of designs for you to take a look at and see which one you’d want to get for your dream bathroom. Below are pictures for you to choose from. Let see them one by one.

Basin integrated towel rail

basin integrated towel rail

This particular wash basin design has a perfect mixture of both creativity and functionality. The design even has a close resemblance to a mug. The protruding handle of the basin can be used by you to hang your towel. White color of the basin makes it look very classy.

2. Unique patterned bathroom suite

patterned wash basin
Give an extraordinary look to your dream bathroom by utilizing any of the uniquely designed wash basins shown in the picture. You can use either the bath-shaped wash basins or the basins that look like small bowls. The white color and the black colored patterns on these wash basins appear absolutely trendy.

3. Unusual  Plain  Modern Wash Basin

modern plain wash basin
This is obviously not the regular kind of wash basin that you will find in any of the bathrooms because it has an undulating shape through which the water flows and later drains through a grate that is placed strategically below it. The design is surely one of a kind.

4. Eumar abisko washbasin

Add a touch of playfulness to your bathroom by installing this water-slide shaped wash basin which looks absolutely gorgeous against the backdrop of amazing red tile work. It is a sculptural piece that reflects the natural beauty of mountain streams in the best way possible.

5. Colourful Unique Bathroom Design

Colourful Unique Bathroom wash basins
Do you own a food joint or a restaurant? If yes then you can very well select this colorful set of uniquely curved and designed wash basins. You can even add color to your dull looking bathroom by installing any color wash basin from this set.

6. Antique Wash Basin

stylish Antique Wash Basin
This particular wash basin design looks stunning and fresh. The way the bathtub even reciprocates its design is extremely amazing.

7. unusual Antique Wash Basin

Antique Wash Basin
It seems the designers of this wash basin have been inspired by the appearance of stalactites which are usually found on the roof of the caves. Due to its color, this particular wash basin will be compatible with any kind of bathroom decor.

8. Oriental Wash basin Design

Oriental unusual  Wash basin
The wash basin design shown in the picture clearly reflects luxury because superior quality of marble is utilized to produce this wash basin. Along with that, the golden faucet and taps make the wash basin look even more posh.

9. Ceramic Wash Basins

Ceramic Wash Basin
In case you have a bathroom with traditional furniture and accessories then you can install these wash basins which are made out of ceramic and the faucets are made out of stainless steel. The violet and black combination of this wash basin set is extremely exquisite.

10 Funky Washbasin For Bathroom Design

Funky Washbasin

Want to have an aquarium inside your bathroom? If yes then go ahead and install this funky wash basin that wisely integrates a fish aquarium into its design. The aquarium can be maintained and the fishes can be fed through the openings which are sealed by the soap dishes situated on the sides of the wash basin.

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