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10 Cool Bathroom Tile ideas

Tiles are a popular choice for bathrooms because of their resilience and long term resistance to water and steam. They’re also easy to clean, easy enough to install and simple to update. You can tile a wall, ceiling, or floor, and you can tile as small or large an area as you like, from one feature tile to entire tiles walls. The possibilities with tiles truly are endless and they can’t be boxed into one single interior design style; you can use tiles to enhance your home whatever your personal taste.

Ranging from simple tiles, to the more quirky and then totally unique, we’ve collated some of the most interesting and beat looking tiles, with the objective of inspiring you to turn away from wall paint and wood panels in your bathroom and look towards enhancing your home with tiles. Here are ten of the best bathroom tile ideas  .

1. Reflect your personality

quirky music tile

This quirky music tile looks like lots of smaller square tiles, but in fact it’s one large tile that would make a great feature tile. Black and gold are very luxurious and the musical theme adds charm.

2. Pebble border tile

Pebble border tile

Border tiles can be a cool way to add geometry to your home. Interesting border tiles like this pebble design are a great way to add a variation of colour in your bathroom.

3. Rough mosaic tiles

 mosaic tiles

If you prefer your style a bit rugged around the edges, opt for something similiar to this neat but edgy mosaic style tile.

4. Elaborate tile

Elaborate tile

For maximum impact in your home, go for a series of elaborate tiles that together packs a punch and gives a luxurious and extravagant edge to your bathroom.

5. Shades of silver

 Shades of silver

Silver usually works well in bathrooms because of it’s connection to smooth, clean metals. For tiles that will add texture and interest to your bathroom, and a twist on the traditional square tiling, go for tessellating tiles in different shades and textures of grey and silver to reflect and diffuse the light.

6. Simple modern tile twist

modern tile twist

We think this would look fantastic on the bathroom floor, as a pale twist on what is usually the darkest area of the room. The pale blue tone is cool and clean which makes is the perfect bathroom partner.

7. Reflective tiles

Reflective tiles

Reflective tiles, like lots of tiny mirrors, can add space to your bathroom which is a common mirror trick in interior design. Smaller tiles will diffuse your light and add sparkle to your room, and distort any reflections.

8. Circle tiles

Circle tiles

We don’t recommend too many of this type of tile because of the visible background, but they make an excellent and eye catching feature or border.

9. Rectangular tiles

Rectangular tiles

These narrow rectangular tiles are stunning and something a little bit different. Add these to your bathroom vertically to add height to your bathroom, or horizontally to widen the room.

10. Brushed steel style tiles

 install tiles yourself

This brushed steel style of tile is extremely chic and we’ve not seen anything like this. Light reflecting and diffusing for sparkle and a steely dullness for contrast and style. Perfect!

We’ve covered that there’s a style of tile for every kind of room, you’re bound to find the right one for you. You can install tiles yourself, and all of the gear you need is available at most hardware and DIY stores, but we recommend hiring a professional, especially for trickier shapes, for an expert finish.

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