5b Mixed Green Color Orange and White

10 Best Bathroom Ideas for Small Space

For most of us, a bathroom is a place where we can enjoy our sense of solitude. So, let me introduce Best Bathroom Ideas for Small Space for possible designs you will like. It is one area of our homes where we can devour ourselves with comfort, silence and relaxation. After a very stressful day, it is always refreshing to take a bath and indulge ourselves with either hot or cold water. The usual bathroom has a bathtub (or shower), toilet and a sink. For this, we might think that bathrooms should be of large size. However, no matter what the size of your bathroom is, you can always maximize the space to satisfy your needs. Well, there are so many things to consider in making your bathroom looks impressive. Not just its appearance but of course the comfort that will satisfy your needs. If you have a small size bathroom, the color that you are going to use will affect not just its appearance but its visual size as well. We can never deny the fact that it’s not easy to choose the best color that will suit your bathroom.

If you are looking for designs, we’ve gathered the best bathroom ideas for small spaces for you.

1. Cheerful Small Bathroom with Rectangle Corner Bathtub Square Washbasin and Wooden Door

1 Cheerful Small Bathroom with Rectangle Corner Bathtub Square Washbasin and Wooden Door

1b Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Small Space Minimalist

The images above showa typical bathroom design which contains bathtub, a sink and cabinets or shelves to place toiletries.  You can choose a design like this if you wanted a neat and stylish bathroom. The first image is accentuated by the gray colored wall décor.The presence of the vases on one side of the bathtub also adds drama to the room. Or you can choose a classy white color as seen on the second image. The white sink, bathtub and toilet match the neutral colored wall.

2. Attractive Marie City Space Bathroom

2 Small Bathroom Design

2b Attractive Marie City Space Bathroom

For those who wanted a chic design for their bathroom, this is a good one to ponder upon. The picture shows that you can use a shower instead of a bathtub and still enjoy your bath. The combination of gray and white colors in the first imagecreates a sophisticated taste to this design.On the one hand, if you prefer a neutral color, then the second image might of interest to you. The color adds a radiating effect to the room. The two images prove that small spaced bathrooms don’t limit our creative side.

3. Bead Board design

3 Bead Board design

If you are looking for an alternative to tiles, you can use bead board instead. It is known to be low-cost but durable. It is a good choice because aside from its economic advantage, you can also paint it with whatever color you desire for your bathroom. Notice that in the first image, the bead board walls are colored green which gives a cheerful atmosphere to the bathroom. You can also add bead boards to your bathroom cabinets to complement the walls just like in the second picture.

4. Contemporary Designs for Small Spaced Bathrooms

4 Contemporary Designs for Small Spaced Bathrooms

4b Modern Bathrooms Remodeling

The two images above offer contemporary designs for small spaced bathrooms. The first picture illustrates a cosy appearance with black accents. The classy black tiles definitely provide sophistication to the overall presence of the bathroom. On the other hand, the second picture shows a bathroom with fitted carpet and with emphasis on white color. It also has a towel rack which augments the accent of the bathroom.

5. Cheerful Colors Design

5 Cheerful Colors Design

5b Mixed Green Color Orange and White

Since most of us consider our time in the bathroom as precious, adding cheerful colors to it would be good to our eyesight.You can choose a combination of blue, green and orange colors for the walls and floor tiles of your bathroom as what is seen on both images above. Whatever your choices of colors are, it is important that they bring cool and refreshing feeling for you as being in the bathroom help wash away the stresses of everyday life.






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