Bright, geometric wallpaper

10 Beautiful Wallpaper In Bathrooms Ideas

In our bathroom interior design we often lean towards adding tiles for their durability or freshly plastered walls with a lick of paint for a clean and basic touch of colour. What we tend to step away from is beautiful patterned wallpaper, because of outdated views that wallpaper won’t hold in warm and humid rooms. Today, with a good decorator and specialist bathroom wallpapers that are less susceptible to water and moisture damage, you can be confident in adding wallpaper to at least one wall in your bathroom to add colour, style, and texture.

For a varied and interesting style that stands out against current trends and your usual comfort zone, mix and match wallpaper with tiled walls or parts of the room, or plain plastered walls with bright colours. For bathroom wall inspiration, look no further than these incredible examples of beautiful wallpaper decorated bathrooms:

1. Top Half Wallpaper
Bathroom with a wallpaper
Keeping wallpaper limited to the top half of your bathroom walls can protect it from water splash backs from appliances, and prevent large prints from being overwhelming, especially in smaller spaces.
2. Bold And Beautiful
Bright, geometric wallpaper
If you’re more of a party person that someone who uses their bathroom as a relaxing escape, you can liven up your room with bright, geometric wallpaper.
3. Golden Luxury
 Wallpaper with a golden tone and luxurious pattern
Wallpaper with a golden tone and luxurious pattern will tie together appliances with a golden hue, like marble appliances, or gold or brass fixtures.
4. Patterns For Depth
Bathroom with a patterned wallpaper
To create more depth and complexity in your bathroom, large print patterns, such as brocade, can give any bathroom a luxury air.
5. Cool And Collected
Bathroom with a metallic blue wallpaper
Use cooler colours if you want a light and airy bathroom. This metallic blue wallpaper packs a punch, but it doesn’t overwhelm us with bright and shiny tones.
6. Map Inspired Wallpaper
Bathroom with mapped wallpaper
If you love to travel and you’re after a quirky and individual style in your bathroom, take inspiration from this rustic and stunning bathroom with mapped wallpaper. Remind yourself of your favourite places, the places you’ve been or the places you’d love to go.
7. Woodland Feature Wallpaper
Funky and unique woodland wallpaper
Are you looking for a combination of monochrome style and an outdoor feel to your bathroom? We’ve found the answer with this super funky and unique woodland wallpaper in black and white.
8. Stylish Animal Style
Wallpaper  with fish prints
Fish aren’t for everybody, but if you want to bring yourself closer to the sea and add a bit of luxury print to your bathroom walls, this is the wallpaper for you.
9. Extravagant Print
Monochrom wall paper
To make a statement in your bathroom and achieve a totally alternative look, take inspiration from this elaborate and detailed wall print in monochrome.
10. Art Deco Inspiration
Green geometric printed wallpaper
Art Deco is at the height of popularity again this year and it’s no wonder why. This green geometric print is adorable, and light and airy enough for a relaxing bathroom space.
Whatever your personal style and preference, wallpaper in your bathroom can be a welcome and stylish addition, and one that gives you a more alternative and unique space in your home.

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