Beautiful pictures of small bathrooms

Beautiful pictures of small bathrooms listed below to serve as inspiration in designing your own bathrooms. Small bathrooms are now trending and everyone seems to be scrambling to outdo each other in designing and decorating it. Creative and artistic laymen can even give fantastic DIY advice and tips to make the small bathroom look wonderful on an easy budget. Some of these designs get featured in home design websites and their originality is astonishing.

We’ve compiled some design ideas ourselves and taken what we think are the most beautiful pictures of small bathrooms.

1. Black and White Color Concept


Black and White Color Concept

This small black and white bathroom gave a beautiful image with the use of red colored floating shelves on the walls. This did not only give storage space but contrasted fantastically with the black floors and white walls and fixtures. The large frame of the mirror that also offers additional space for bath things is a lovely design.

2. Bathroom with a Blast


Bathroom with a Blast

This white bathroom received a wonderful blast of color with the use of teal painted on the upper wall. The art pictures on the wall gave it a personality and the red flowers in the green vase are a fantastic accent.

3. Light Blue Contrast


Light Blue Contrast

The light blue color on the upper walls contrasted nicely with the white wood paneled walls of this bathroom. The monogram black and white tile floor blended seamlessly with the white tub and fixtures. The floating shelf on the wall looks lovely and gives storage space as well.

4. Tiny Blue Tile Design


Tiny Blue Tile Design

The tiny blue tile design used on the walls and floor of this small bathroom contrasted beautifully with the white fixtures. The blue color of the toilet seat is a great accent.

5. Teal Colored Floating Cabinet


Teal Colored Floating Cabinet

The teal colored floating cabinet above the toilet seat calls attention when you enter this small white bathroom. The gold and white frame of the mirror is a fantastic design and gave style to the room. A floating shelf below the sink is a wonderful spot to place bath essentials.

6. Bold Art Wallpaper Design


Bold Art Wallpaper Design

The bold art of the wallpaper design placed halfway to the wall made a nice contrast to the white tiles used above the sink area. The transparent glass floating shelf at the side gave storage space. The overall image of this bathroom is gorgeous.

7. Foil Wallpaper Design


Foil Wallpaper Design

The foil wallpaper design used on the walls of this bathroom made it look bright and shiny. It contrasted fantastically with the dark brown color of the cabinet and the white fixtures.

8. Fantastic Black Bathroom


Fantastic Black Bathroom

This black bathroom got a fantastic design by using a large white mirror. The splash of color given by the bright orange chair is a nice touch.

9. Dark Blue Walls Shower


Dark Blue Walls Shower

The dark blue walls of the shower stall made a beautiful contrast to the white walls and fixtures. The long mirror along the wall is a great idea that reflected light and made the room bigger. The floating shelf below the mirror is a lovely storage space and the splash of blue behind the faucet is a great design.

10. Skylight Window Natural Lighting


Skylight Window Natural Lighting

The skylight window gave natural lighting and made this small bathroom sleek and clean. The glass enclosed shower stall is a fantastic design.

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