Small top floor bathroom design


Small space bathrooms can be fun and exciting to design and decorate if you have all the ideas and materials you need to bring it to life.  How you decorate your bathroom depends on your taste and style. You could have a vintage style or contemporary style bathroom by choosing the right fixtures and fittings like a sink, toilet seat, shower or bathtub followed by other small additional things.

Some people believe that using only one color for your bathroom, like white will make it look dull and boring. However, white is the standard of sophistication especially for tiles and fixtures. The good thing of using white color can greatly enhance the quality and appearance of your bathroom. The images below show elegant and beautiful bathrooms designs for small-space.

1. Small White Bathroom Design

Small white bathroom design idea

This is a cool and refreshing bathroom with beautiful tile pattern. The small fixtures as well as sink complement the small spaced bathroom. Likewise, the presence of mirrors in this room allows for more expansive space. Take note also of the towel holder in the corner and shelf in the wall. A white bathroom with a beauty like the image above offers a comfortable feeling.

2.  Small White Attic Bathroom

Small white attic bathroom design

This is a loft bathroom that is functional and beautiful. The toilet and vanity are well-placed in the corner to utilize better the space. Likewise, the floating sink gives additional floor space, expanding the limited space. The illumination of this room is also made better by the window above.

3.  Small Beach Style Bathroom

warm and attractive bathroom design

A warm and attractive bathroom design is seen on the image above. The bead board of the walls soar above the ceiling giving a more sophisticated appearance. There is also a mounted cabinet in the wall with a light bulb in the corner. Notice how the colourful shower curtain improves the beauty of this room.

4. Small Contemporary Master Bathroom New York

neat, gorgeous and stylish bathroom

Above is a neat, gorgeous and stylish bathroom. The continuous and large scale tiles make this room look bigger. The glass door in the shower also adds to the effect of wider bathroom. Also there is a mounted shelf in the shower area for bathroom essentials.

5. Small Top Floor Bathroom San Francisco

Small top floor bathroom design

This is a simple but neat design. The color of this room creates a very refreshing and tranquil feeling. Likewise, black pattern on the tile floor improves the beauty of the room paired with the bright yellow mat. The wall-mounted cabinet on the corner is nice way of maximizing the space of this room.

6. Glass Window Above Bathtub Cambridge Port ,Boston

 Elegant and stunning design

An elegant and stunning design is seen on the image above. The white color of the bathroom brings a feeling of welcome. It is made even more beautiful by the potted plant and the artwork found in the wall. The glass window above the tub is also an eye-catcher.

7.  Creative sink West Village Townhouse , New York

Bathroom with a unique and creative sink

This bathroom contains a unique and creative sink accented by the glass flower vase. The mirrors surrounding the room, including the magnifying glass, enhances the room size. Additionally, this room caters those who prefer a minimalist style.

 8.  Modern Sink Near Window For Fresh Air

Simple bathroom design

The line elements of this design improve the appearance of this simple bathroom. The neat shelves allows for more display of decors. The window in the corner improves the quality of air and light. Likewise, the unique sink looks sturdy.

9.  Hyde Park Modern Victorian Style Bathroom ,Chicago

Hyde Park modern Victorian style bathroom design

You can also add a different color to your bathroom to create a perfect contrast. Just like the gray colored wall near the window. On the other hand, the chic and dramatic vanity is a highlight of this bathroom. Likewise, the pendant light on both sides of the mirror improves light quality.

10.  Sweet Small Bathroom with Chair  in Fort Worth , Texas

Sweet small bathroom design

If your bathroom wall is largely painted with white color, you can enhance the look by including decorations with a contrasting color. Just like the black and white strips of the chair and the black frame of the mirror.

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