10 Beach Bathroom Decors Ideas

Beach bathroom ideas are heaven to look at. Even if you have a beach near your place you can always transform your house into a beach style decor. With shells, mirrors, sand, buckets, beach style towels, colours make the bathroom look like beach. Even a slight detail on any furnishing makes the place look beach like. If you are going to hunt for the beach furnishing instead of buying it from the market you can get hold of all the things from the beach itself. Toy like shells and other structures are made up of beach style decor ideas which defines the look of the place. Good carpet, tiles, wash basin and faucets are designed in a beach like form that makes the place beautiful. Here are some of the ideas behind the decor:

1.  Beach Style Powder Room

Powder room with conch shell basin

Conch shell basin with metallic tap, small shells in a brown colour wicker basket is placed on the blue colour tile and a big shell is placed near to it. Soap case is also of the shell.

2.  Scales Of Fish Acts As A Wall Paper

Bathroom with modern sculpture in ceramic

Scales of fish acts as a wall paper on the mirror area, bathroom section wall and bathing tub. A modern sculpture in ceramic stands in the middle of the bath tub acting as show piece.

3.  Modern Bathroom Design

Bathroom with Green sea creature like round ball light

Green sea creature like round ball light hangs from the ceiling in the middle of the bathroom which has a wicker basket with plant in it, a blue sitting sofa and white colour ceramic bathing tub.

4.  Horizontal Paint On The Wall

Wall with sky blue colour and sea colour stripes

Horizontal paint on the wall with sky blue colour and sea colour stripes along with beach like pebbles acting as the border of the square wall. A bowl like wash basin is placed.

5.  Beach Style Bathroom

Inside of the changing area has wind sheet curtains

A round tube hangs from the towel hanging system with a conch shell placed on the bathroom shelf. The inside of the changing area has wind sheet curtains that show a girl plunging into the pool.

6.  Tropical Bathroom

Bathroom with key paper basket storing element

Key paper basket storing element is placed on the shelf near to the wash basin with many towels stored in it of white, crème and blue colour. The basket has the print of a beach with a tent placed in one corner.

7.  Contemporary Bathroom

Bathroom with white cupboard

Red tulip stands in between the two dishes like wash basin kept on the granite table top. Small brown colour boxes are placed on the table top and the cupboard is also of white colour with glass door of the shower area.

8.  Garden Fresh Bathroom

Bathroom with white ceramic tub

Garden fresh bathroom with grass, blue sea and white ceramic tub on the white marble with a brown colour sitting tool on the side to keep towel makes the place comfortable.

9.  Star Fish Like Creatures In Bread Crafting

Lots of towels are rolled up

Star fish like creatures in bread crafting is placed all over the border of the mirror and a big star fish like creature is placed on the wall and lots of towels are rolled up and kept beneath the wash basin area.

10.  Elegant Bathroom

Bathroom with a granite table

Round playing glass balls on a plate above the granite table with a star fish creature along with it and towels arranged neatly in the lower plank gives it a beach look.


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