Bathroom Tiles for Small Bathrooms

A lot of people think that all tiles are the same. It just differs in the size, shape and color. What they do not know is that, the tiles you use will matter depending on what room you have and the size of it. It is not wise to use large tiles in a small bathroom. A medium sized tile will give sleekness to the room than smaller tiles. Small tiles will create a better flow if the bath, toilet and sink are close to each other in proximity with little wall area. Light colored tiles will make the room appear larger. If you do not like having white tiles, you can add unusual surface texture. You can always add colors in the form of towels and accessories later on. Choosing tiles for your bathroom can be quite difficult. Make sure that you know your budget and spend it wisely. Remember not to waste so much money in tiles only but at the same time, give importance to it. We hope these Bathroom Tiles for Small Bathrooms ideas will be of great help to you.

1.  Use various shapes

white contemporary bathroom
Use various shapes in the same material to create infinite space. Use this technique to divide wet and dry areas of the bathroom.

2.  Beginning And End Of Tiling

bathroom tiles in white
You should plan very carefully where to start and end the tile. This is hard for most people.

3. Same Tiles For Floor And Walls

tiles on walls and floor
If you want a luxurious feeling just like in a hotel, keep the floor and the walls have the same tiles. In this bathroom, the entire space is wrapped in black tile. It is off set with a wall-mounted vanity.

4.  Black and white tiled Bathroom

black and white bathroom
The tiles here have a decorative base and top cap. A different cap is used for the tub’s edge. The designer used black and white marble hexagon mosaics on the floor creating a decorative border with white tile.

5.  White Tiles Top To  Bottom Of  The Wall

tiles top to bottom of the wall
A white brick is used in this bathroom. The floor is limestone hexagon pattern.

6. Tiles are made out of clay

clay tiles in bathroom
The tiles are made out of clay. It is made by Health Ceramics that focuses in bringing out the best and natural beauty of the clay.

7.   Three different shades of glazed tiles

green tiles in bathroom
The tiles are utilized with two or three different shades of glazed tiles to create a tonal patchwork.

8.  Different Tiles combined with same Colours

use of colour combinations
The ceramic tiles are installed vertically to emphasize the geometry of the space and give the illusion of height. The different tiles combined with same colors will further emphasize the size of the space while creating a sense of virtual texture.
9. Brown Tiles And wooden Floor Bathroom

brown tiles in bathroom
One tile for the entire space is great to create a cohesive look. If the scale is too large, cut down to the scale to maintain the continuity and create a spa-like feel by taking the tile all the way up to the ceiling.

10. Art And function of creative tiling

tiled shower cubical
If you want to be creative, have this kind of tiles where there is an illusion of water. This is one way of expressing art and function in one room. You can increase the value of your bathroom with the help of creative tiles.


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