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Bathroom Ideas that were Popular in 2013

For a long time bathrooms were always the same. Like you go to another person’s house and see their bathroom has the same design as yours. But as times went on bathrooms are among those areas in people’s houses that underwent makeover. Bathrooms were then filled and created with materials that promote comfort and relaxation, as well as safety and practicality. Not to neglect the fact that bathrooms became even more attractive and beautiful. In 2013, bathrooms were even more modern and sleek without losing that peaceful touch and efficiency. Here are some modern bathroom ideas 2013 edition.

  1. Modern Minimalist bathrooms

Blue glass adds cool serenity to the minimalist master bathroom

2013 saw the rise of the minimalistic bathroom designs. Minimalist bathrooms are spacious and expansive as there are only few key pieces present. However, these key pieces are in attractive and top of their game look. Bathroom essentials also promote a relaxing and quiet environment.

  1. Zen Interior Bathroom designs

Sydney bathroom

Minimalist bathrooms were made of materials that were popular in the Zen interior designs. Pebbles can be seen as decorative pieces on sinks or even used as material for the flooring of the shower area. Also it is often that in minimalist bathrooms you’ll find that the materials used for the sinks and the bath tub are reminiscent of the big rocks or with closer to nature looks.

  1. Tiling for minimalist bathrooms

painting ceramic bathroom tiles

Most of the tiling for minimalist bathrooms for the year 2013 was in dark colours like grey or dark brown. While colours for the tub, sinks, or shower heads were in white, cream, or beige. There are also few potted plants present which add more character to the whole bathroom.

  1. Wooden Bathrooms

Spa, Zen-like bathroom

Wooden Bathrooms were also popular in the year 2013. It is not often that you’ll find bathrooms that use wood materials. However, nowadays it seems that wooden materials or synthetic materials which look like wood are gaining popularity because of the amazing warmth it brings to the whole bathrooms. Sinks can be made of synthetic materials that look like wood while the shelves are made of real wooden planks, as well the under sink drawers.

  1.  Laminates of wooden planks

Laminate flooring and walls in bathroom

Tiling materials that are actually laminates of wooden planks were also popular for the flooring of the wooden bathrooms. Some bathrooms actually used real hardwood tiles which were engineered to be thicker and would stand up to moist and wetness. The natural wooden colours make the bathroom look brighter and welcoming.

  1. Elegantly designed bathroom

unique bathroom with round electric mirror and lighting

Chic bathroom designs also gain lots of nods during the year 2013. These bathroom designs are really modern and practical with lots of spaces for towels and other bathroom essentials. The colours were not restricted to white but range from outrage colours like purple. But one of the popular colours for chic bathrooms was green, which is actually a really relaxing colour.

  1.   Eclectic colours and patterns For Tiling

Master Ensuite Bathroom

There were also many variations of tiles that were perfect for the chic bathroom look. Tiles came in many eclectic colours and patterns. Blue also became an in colour for a chic bathroom. Tiles in the colour blue with patterns and designs also added charm to the chic bathroom.

  1. Bathroom Storage spaces

bathroom storage

A remarkable characteristic of bathrooms designed in 2013 is that it is clad with amazing storage spaces for towels, shampoos, soaps, and others. The storage spaces helped to organize the bathrooms keeping it clean and well-arranged. Under sink storage spaces and drawers became and in thing.

  1. Shelving as storage space

bathroom shelving for small space

Storage spaces also came in form of racks with different levels of shelves. These shelves can be seen as an all-in-one storage for all bathroom essentials. Towels are piled neatly, while toilet rolls are put inside a box that seats neatly in one of the shelf levels. All-in-one racks were also good in saving space and effort as all the things you need in your bathroom can be found in one place.

10.  Floating shelves and cabinets Small Bathrooms

flaoting shelves

Some bathrooms in the year 2013 can also be seen with floating shelves and cabinets. These were also practical especially for small bathrooms as they don’t take up floor space. They are effective as they can be of big sizes to put up lots of bathroom essentials.

There are lots of bathroom ideas that came up during the year 2013. The ones listed above are those that stood out and made bathrooms more friendly and eventually a peaceful place to release stress.  It also shows that size of a bathroom doesn’t really matter as there are tricks to make them look spacious and uncrowded.

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