Bathroom tiles concept

Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Bathroom floors may make or unmake total image of a bathroom. Good planning of floor colors and designs for the bathroom will not only be aesthetically wonderful, it is practical as well. Here are some bathroom flooring suggestions that we’ve gathered to floor you and help you to make the right decision.

1.  Bathroom tiles concept

Bathroom tiles concept

The bathroom floor tile design that was used on this bathroom is wonderful. The contrast of the white furnishings with the gray and white design is so stylish. Bathroom tiles need not be placed side by side. As shown, they could be placed a bit shorter or longer than the previous tile and still look wonderful. This is a new idea for tiling bathroom floors.

 2.  Floor and wall tiles match

 Floor and wall tiles match

Wallpaper designs are now available for bathroom floor designs. In the picture the walls and floors of this bathroom are made of the same design and contrast beautifully with the white furnishings.

3. Wood Tiles Bathroom

wooden bathroom tiles

Wood tiles are still all time favorite for bathroom floors. They blend well with any interior and give a shiny, just waxed image to the bathroom.

4. Multi-colored Tiling

bathroom shower tiles design

Multi-colored bathroom floor tiles are great ideas. They brighten the room and could provide a statement contrast to any interior and furnishings.

5. Carpet Like Bathroom Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles in black and white

This bathroom tile looks wonderful as they look like a carpet. Aesthetically, this is a fantastic idea as carpets always give a statement to any room.

6. Red Flooring

red flooring

The use of red flooring will never go out of style. Red is a fire color and therefore could give contrast or blend with any interior.

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