white bathroom suite with drawers

Amazing Compact Designs for your Bathrooms

Amazing Compact Designs for your Bathrooms is very important for us in order to feel comfortable and be energized. Having compact designs makes your bathroom more artistic in different ways even the space is small or big. Compact designs mean putting together all essential parts of a room inside a small space. It also entails using space saving and practical materials. A small bathroom can be made better if it is turned into a compact bathroom. It can just contain the vital parts of a bathroom like the shower, toilet, and sink.

It is important so you will know what kind of materials and features you need to add on your bathroom design. There are actually so many ways to enhance the interior design of your bathroom. It is your choice of materials and furnishings that do the trick. But also, you need to consider your budget, too. Whatever you decide for your bathroom, for sure you’ll get that right if you have good planning before actually re-designing it. Here are some amazing compact bathroom designs for you to choose from.

1. Elegant Design Bathroom with Shower Area

Elegant Design Bathroom with Shower Area
Having one part take up most space is a good idea for a compact bathroom. Usually you’ll want to have a larger shower area, so to be able to achieve that compact look you must put the other parts together strategically.
2. Colorful Bathroom Design with Shower Curtain

shower with curtain bathroom
Colorful designs also add more charm to your compact bathroom. You can also attach your tissue holder near your toilet. Small and functional sinks are also a must. It is also much better if you use shower curtains for your shower area.
3. New Space Saver Bathroom Design

New Space Saver Bathroom Design

You don’t need to fret about not having a bathtub in a small bathroom. In a compact bathroom having a shower and bathtub together can be realized. It is a very good idea to have the two together as you can enjoy a quick shower or a bath in your compact bathroom.
4. Narrow Space Bathroom with Bathtub and Shower

Narrow Space Bathroom with Bathtub and Shower
However, if the space allows, don’t deprive yourself of having a bath tub and shower area that are separated from each other. Use narrow spaces in your bathroom wisely by putting in a small bathtub.
5. Whitish Bathroom with Built in Wall Cabinet

Whitish Bathroom with Built in Wall Cabinet
You can also have built in wall cabinets in the shower area for your shampoo, soap and other bathing needs. This way you don’t take up too much space on other storage areas like the ones underneath the sink.
6. White Suite with Drawer

white bathroom suite with drawers
For your bathroom storage needs you can have the sink situated on top of a cabinet with drawers. This way you are able to put the space under the sink into good use. Also you don’t need to have a separate space for your storage areas.
7. Hanging Rack

Hanging Rack
Another wonderful storage solution is to have hanging racks so you can hang other bathroom and vanity essentials. This also enables you to keep the sink area clean and not overcrowded with knick knacks.
8. Laundry Basket and Towel Rack

Laundry Basket and Towel Rack
Assigning one area of the bathroom for storing your towels and other bathroom essentials can also keep your bathroom clean and coordinated. This is also very convenient as you can find all the things you need in one area. You can also have a laundry basket added for all those dirty clothes you take of before having a shower.
9. Artistic Compact Bathroom Design

Artistic Compact Bathroom Design

You can add amazing designs for your bathroom through wall arts. This way you can have a more artistic effect and can add more charm to your bathroom, taking away attention from the small space and compact design.
10. Soft Green Tile Wall Bathroom Design

Soft Green Tile Wall Bathroom Design
Also go for color themes that are easy on the eyes, like pastel colors. Try to be consistent on the theme of your bathroom to have a uniformed and matched look. This keeps your compact bathroom look more put together.
Always remember that the key to having small spaces turned in to beautiful rooms is organizing and planning. Plan out the things to be included in the small spaced bathroom you have. Organize and arrange the bathroom well so you can create an illusion of a more spacious bathroom.

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