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Amazing Bathroom Renovations that will Inspire You

Amazing Bathroom Renovations that will Inspire you are one reason why we invest time on our own home. Bathrooms are just small areas on your house but still needs a lot of attention when decorating. A house can have more than one bathroom. It can be private bathroom placed inside each bedrooms or a public bathroom that the visitors and guests can use. The rest of this article will give you some practical ideas on how to make bathroom renovations convenient and creative.

When remodeling your bathroom the first thing you need to remember is how to organize your stuff. Placing woven baskets for your towels and small baskets for you toiletries and cosmetics as shown  on the picture can be the best choice for you. See below ideas for renovation that you can use and apply for your bathroom. Take time and tour yourself.

1. Bathroom Renovations on a Budget

Bathroom Renovations on a Budget

A white and gray color combination for a bathroom same as in the picture below shows a more modern and practical design for a remodeling. Adding chairs can also add to comfort when you are preparing for a party.

2. Baths with Stylish Color Combinations

Baths with Stylish Color Combinations

Maximize the space on your wall by using it for soap and shampoo storage just like in the picture. It gives you more room for other things you want to decorate on your bathroom.

3. Simple Bathroom with Nice Shower

Simple Bathroom with Nice Shower

The next picture shows two separate showers installed on the opposite side of each other. This makes the water spray at the middle which gives you more space to move. Another good idea about this bathroom is the fireplace. This fireplace will keep you warm while you are taking your shower.

4. Random Inspiration with Dual Shower

Random Inspiration with Dual Shower

The next picture have the same two shower built in but this time the water sprays downwards. This type of design can be best used in a master’s bedroom where couple can take a bath at the same time to save some time without interfering in each other’s way.

5. Master Bathroom

shower with shelviong

If you have a little space for a bathroom, just like in the next picture, installing floating shelves can be a great idea for you to have more storage places.

6. Diy floating shelves

floating shelves for bathroom storage

Another great bathroom renovation idea is to have a walk-in shower area. This means you do not have to build a door or use a curtain to have privacy.

7. Walk-in Shower

Walk-in Shower

Combining wooden furniture and glass as decorations in your bathroom will make your bathroom look elegant and inspiring. The wooden features of the picture below gives a natural and refreshing look in the bathroom.

8. Remodel Bathroom

victorian bathroom

Using a Victorian-inspired foot work for your bath tub can also add an elegant feature on your bathroom. Having the bath tub installed as it is and not built into the wall takes away the box like feature of the bathroom.

9. Fancy Footwork

fancy vintage bathtub

Lastly, use crystal stones that pile up like a wall instead of using curtain to give more privacy and easy access to your shower. This not only adds beauty to your bathroom but it is also a practical way of decorating your bathroom.

10. Modern Doorless walk-in shower

walk in shower

With these ten designs, you will surely have an idea for comfortable and practical renovations for your bathroom. Just do not forget one thing, be sure to prepare all the things you need and layout everything you wanted before changing your bathroom.


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