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Adorable Decorating Designs and Ideas for the small bathroom

Adorable Decorating Designs and Ideas for the small bathroom that will surely useful in designing your small bathroom space. Decor designs and ideas for the small bathroom have proliferated not only with the designers but also furniture manufacturers. Small is in and everyone wants a piece of the action, so to speak. Handkerchief sized living spaces are now the norm and decorating these miniscule spaces needs to be done fast. The small bathroom is the smallest among the midgets and needs special handling.

Here are a few decorating designs and ideas that would make the small bathroom adorable.

1. Frame Mirror Concept

small bathroom with round vanity

The beautifully designed frame of the mirror in this bathroom is the focal point. Hanging racks on top the toilet seat is a great idea for towels. Using a pedestal sink gives the bathroom height making it look bigger.

2. Brown  Mosaic Tiles

Brown  Mosaic Tiles

The brown colored mosaic tiles used on the walls of this bathroom matched perfectly with the brown cabinet and leather sofa. Use of a potted plant as a décor is a great idea and it made the bathroom look warm and appealing.

3. Fantastic Small White Bathroom

Fantastic Small White Bathroom

This small white bathroom looks fantastic with its glass enclosed shower area and cabinet for storage space. Good use of proper lighting made this bathroom look bright and cheerful.

4. Red Color in Bold

red and white bathroom

This small bathroom used the bold red color for the tub and it looks fabulous. The half glass enclosure of the shower and tub area is a good design to prevent spills and sprays of water from reaching the main area.

5.  Small Bathroom

Decorative Small Bathroom Rent Blog

The light brown color of the walls of this small bathroom blended seamlessly with the white fixtures. Extension from sink area to toilet seat gave extra space for decors or other bath essentials.

6. Linda and Stan Bathroom

Linda and Stan Bathroom

The use of white floating shelves above the toilet seat not only looks fantastic but gave space for storage of towels and other bath essentials. The use of a wicker basket to hold small things is a great idea.

7. Intricate Designed Blue Shower

Intricate Designed Blue Shower

The intricate designed blue shower curtain contrasted wonderfully with the light grey walls and white fixtures of this small bathroom. The dark brown wood floating shelf above the toilet seat looks great and gives storage space at the same time. The white flowers placed in an ice bucket are a nice accent.

8. Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The sliding door of the floating shelf above the toilet seat is a great design. The use of an intricate designed mirror adjacent to it reflected a two dimension image that helped to make the bathroom look bigger. The red towels are a nice accent.

9. Wooded Laminated Floor

Wooded Laminated Floor

The wood laminated floors in this small bathroom matched perfectly with the green and yellow color of the walls and wood shutter of the windows. This made a stunning looking bathroom. The intricate design of the mirror is a fantastic decor .

10. Beautiful Tiles Design

Beautiful Tiles Design

The beautiful design of the tiles used on the walls of the shower area made this bathroom look awesome. The transparent glass floating shelves on top of the toilet seat give storage space and made the bathroom look fantastic.

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