10 Scandinavian Bathroom Interiors Design

The way you design and maintain your bathroom speaks a lot about your taste and your habits. Scandinavian Bathroom designs are all good. It is so very important to have a spacious, clean, airy bathroom. Also, it is very important to plan the design based on the climate of your area and few other points. Here is what you could choose from. Not just the climate but also the space and where the location is. It is for refreshing yourself so it would be so great if your bathroom is design as what you really wanted the really feel the essence of being in your dream place.

There are many styles and designs to choose when setting up a layout for your bathroom. You can pattern your design based on your personality or go with something that deviate the kind of plan you have in mind yet make it still visually attractive. But if you have the availability of space and .budget then modern designs might just be for you. you can see below remarkable bathrooms.

1. White , Blue Bathroom with black tiling

1 - Scandinavian Bathroom - Linnéstaden

This bathroom is a basic model with a standard washbasin, mirror, shower panel and commode- all set up at the same space. If you have space crunch, you got to choose this design. The designer has played with some colour by adding blue tiles along with the white ones.

2. All White Bathroom Art Deco

2 - Scandinavian Bathroom - Vasastan

This bathroom is done up completely in whites. The wash basin is not the regular table top style; instead it is in the shape of a vessel placed on the marble top. There are very modern looking metal hangers for your clothes and towels.

3.  Glass Shower, Door And Wooden Brown Cabinet

3 - Scandinavian Bathroom - Torslanda Hällsvik

This bathroom is designed to have a wood finish. The shelves, the panels and the false ceiling are all made of wood. The rest of the bathroom is in white tiles. The floor is made of anti-skid tiles. One of the walls has a stone finish.

4. Modern Scandinavian Shower Room

4 - Scandinavian Bathroom - Norrmalm Vasastan

This bathroom is made of tiles that give you a look of stone walls. They are easy to maintain. There is a big bath tub with hot and cold water panels. A glass door separates the showering area from the rest of the bathroom.

5. Blue Tiled Walls, Dark Furniture And White bathroom Fixtures

5 - Scandinavian Bathroom - Västra Hamnen

This bathroom gives you a feel of water as the entire wall has been covered with tiles in various shades of blue. It draws an amazing contrast with the white fittings within the bathroom. The bath tub is of medium size. There is plenty of storage space and all are made up of solid wood.

6. Simple Bathroom by the sea side

6 - Scandinavian Bathroom - Näshulta

If you are thinking of setting up a bathroom for your beach house, this is it! It has a rustic look with no fancy settings- just basic wood work with some hangers for your clothes and towels, but opening up directly near the water body.

7. Bathroom with Bathtub Curved in Wooden side

7 - Scandinavian Bathroom - Högalid

This is a very modern looking bathroom fit for apartments of medium sizes. There is a bath tub at the corner right next to the window. There is a basic washbasin. What is important in this design is, there is space for the washing machine too.

8. Minimalist Luxurious Bathroom

8 - Scandinavian Bathroom - Älgö

If you are used to luxury and would not compromise on it, this is the bathroom you should choose- plenty of floor area, beautiful marbles on the floor and wall and a huge tub.

9.  Bathroom with Green Wall Tiles And Modern Fixtures

9 - Scandinavian Bathroom - Södermalm

This bathroom is colourful – with white and aqua marine tiles. All basic fittings are provided. A glass door separates the shower area helping you in keeping the floor dry.

10. Small And Neat Modern Bathroom

10 - Scandinavian Bathroom - Östermalm

This bathroom is small and neat. This again has a medium tub and a basic washbasin. There is some storage space as well just below the basin.

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