antique bottles and jars

10 John Lewis Small Bathroom Wash Space Accessories

Practical Considerations for Choosing Accessories for A Small Bathroom Wash Space Area. Bathroom is a great place to be when you want to feel clean and fresh. You want yourself pampered and really take pleasure seeing yourself radiantly beautiful. But having a small space can be a real problem when accessories are cramped and there is no space to move around. Of course, you don’t want to go to the hassle of tossing your things around the room because the space is so small that you can no longer locate where your things are. You can help yourself organize by choosing accessories that perfectly suits your spacing needs. So why not try this 10 John Lewis small bathroom wash space accessories? They can set your bathroom experience in a real pleasant way.

 Shower caddies

1.  Simplehuman Tension Shower Caddy

Tension Shower Caddy

2.  Corner Shower Caddy

Shower Caddy

These are two shower caddies so easy to install. They are grip-dependent and look very sleek and sturdy, perfect organizers for bottles of liquid body soaps and shampoo. They are designed with 2-layers depending on the size of bathroom needs you like to store in their 2-tierred racks. They are so easy to assemble.

Glass Bathroom Accessories


3. Resembling antique bottles and jars

antique bottles and jars

4.  frosted glass accessories

Frosted Glass Bathroom Accessories

These are nice bathroom glass accessories, both see-through and colored. They are perfect storage for your bathroom needs like soap, shampoo, toothbrush, cottons, and ear cleaners. They keep your things clean and sanitized, free from air microbes. They are like good organizers and so quick to be opened and use these small bathroom tools to pamper yourself with a very clean bathroom experience. They can be complemented with rubber stopper mats to prevent from sliding. When you want these things just within your reach, you can store them collectively in a single container.

Freestanding Bathroom Cabinets

5.  John Lewis Jakarta Three Tier Bathroom Caddy

Three Tier Bathroom Caddy

6. Rubberised Bamboo 2 Tier Bathroom Caddy

Bamboo 2 Tier Bathroom Caddy

These are so beautifully designed organizers. The image at the left is two-tier and on the right, is three-tier. These two designs will answer your how plenty are your bathroom requirement needs. These are designed with wooden frame, with the holders firmly attached to the frame. These can either be hanged or place near your bathing area of toilet seat area. Both can hold large pieces of containers to be filled and stored at the same time.

Bathroom Shelves

7.  Mode Box Shelf

polished stainless steel and cool, white gloss-finish MDF pieces

8.  Glide Shower Shelf

wall mounted shower shelf

This staircase-like organizer is a worth-spending investment. Piles of towels and other bathroom accessories can be neatly placed in this 5-level shelf. They look so pleasing to the eyes that bathroom things can be located and be picked easily by hand. You can choose beautiful containers and holders and put them right on top of the shelf. A good spot for this type of organizer is to be against the wall or a few spaces away from the toilet seat.

Shower Baskets

9. Simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy

adjustable shower caddy makes room for tall bottles

10.  Bliss Lock N Roll Rectangular Suction Shower Unit

Rectangular Suction Shower Unit

If your bathroom space is like really small and shower caddy may occupy a space, these two shower holders are good way to drain your shower. This likewise can be a soap holder or a soft cotton pad for cleaning your body. They are easy to attach to a bathroom wall. These can be both placed either in a bathroom area or a little above the sink.


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