Contemporary Small Bathroom Design

10 Inspirational Small Bathroom Design ideas For Small Spaces

A sink is an unusual basins for washing hands a Small Bathroom Design . This word is derived from Latin, sink being the first person singular of the Latin verb lavare (wash) future indicative. It is used at the beginning, and even now, in the liturgy Christian to designate the time of the Mass when the priest washes his hands, and that the container used for this purpose. The use of the term was later extended to devices for household use .The sink is usually one of the undisputed stars of the bathroom. Combined with a cabinet, or independently, its functionality is essential in the daily rituals of beauty and hygiene.


Neutral colour small bathroom design

Neutral colour small bathroom design with a window that brings in light and brightness during the day. The small style tiles on the wall with the  decorated tiles line around the middle of the wall gives this bathroom a unique pattern. The well fitted wash basin just makes this small space bathroom more functional just as a big one would be.

Small bathroom

Small bathroom with a stone protected sides bathtub, makes this shower over bath bathroom stylish and appear cosy. The wash basin has a modern design with a modern tap, they compliment each with with the toilet seat. Fitting a radiator in the bathroom helps during the winter months as you don’t want to be frozen right after coming out the shower or bath.

small bathroom with tiled floor

Gorgeous looking small bathroom design with titled floor. I like the way the walls of this bathroom a well maintained and tiled . The use of wall hangings adds some decorative featured around the bathroom. Just because it is a bathroom doesn’t mean you cant put decorative features in it. It actually brings it to life. The way you use material colours matters too, look at these blue and white bath towers in this bathroom. this add colour to the bathroom.

all white small bathroom design

Using the white colour for your bathroom ensures smartness around your small bathroom. This bathroom used white colour scheme in the whole apart from the tiles which are brown.

The Porcelanosa Group manufactures a variety of sinks, both for its design and the diversity of materials that are made. Wall mounting unusual basins, counter top and recessed, adaptable to any space thanks to the wide variety of sizes and finishes. Different sizes and styles with straight or curved lines. Whether you prefer a sexy style or a more minimalist option, find the design that you like. The choice of the basin is one of the keys to mark the style you want to achieve. Express your personality by any of these pieces, you certainly print a stamp of elegance and modernity to the bathroom environment.  Discover a preview of this new concept very sanitary design elements, combining glass and ceramics! An impression of lightness, purity emerges from this new collection!

Shower cubical in small bathroom

Depending on how small your bathroom is, sometimes it is good idea to have a shower cubical for small bathroom design other than a bathtub. This could save space you could use to put a wash basin on the other side like in the example above. For hanging wet towers, you could use hanging stand rails as opposed to using shelving on something that will take up a lot of space.

Brown tiled small bathroom for small space

Brown tiled small bathroom for small  space solution that could change the way you bathroom space look like even when your house is small.  A well designed bathroom make you feel at home and makes your home look bigger as you would always be satisfied with the design of your house.

blue and white tiled wall small bathroom design

Using different wall tiles colour like this blue and white tiled wall small bathroom design to add a pattern and style to the bathroom could help. Nowadays using shower over bathtub design for a bathroom is popular as it saves tow purposes when you don’t have enough space to put your bathroom in.

contemporary wash basin design

You have heard the saying “paying attention to small details”,this small bathroom design is an example of that.  There is not enough space in the room but the way it is designed makes it feel bigger. They have used a small contemporary wash basin and modern style brown wood drawers to hide away things leaving it tidy at all times.

small well maintained bathroom

This is an example of how you could cleverly use space to fit in all you want in a small bathroom. The was basin,  and toilet are well fitted, though the bathtub or shower basin could not be accommodated in this room  but saves a purpose of a toilet room.

Contemporary Small Bathroom Design

Finally originality! Ceramic rubs the purity of glass giving you a very elegant set, flooding highlights your bath space. The sink is usually made of porcelain sanitary or sandstone health, with or without an overflow suspended (hanging on the wall via bolts or hooks ), embedded in a work plan (it is then called ” vanity ” ), or placed on a column . The sink includes or not a towel rack or soap dish . It is provided with a mixer supplying the running water, and a sewage system provided with a siphon tube or bucket. This modern concept is a major innovation: the art interferes with health elements to provide an architectural look to your bathroom. It becomes a place of creation, inspiration recalling notions of cubism. Ceramic has a self-cleaning and anti-fouling, anti-scale treatment. Like glass, it is very easy to maintain.


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