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10 Beautiful Small Shower Room Designs Ideas

A shower area is a good place to renew our energy after a very exhausting day. Usually after every bath we feel refreshed and relaxed. With the appropriate decorations and designs, feelings of tranquility and comfort could be better achieved. If you are looking for pictures of small shower room designs, below are 10 amazing images.

If you are looking to re-design your small bathroom or design a bathroom for the first time, today’s post will offer some quick tips on how to shape up your small bathroom and I’m sure this will definitely help you to re-discover your bathroom experience. You must be wonder how can one make a small bathroom functional, without compromising the original design.

1. Contemporary Bathroom

small bathroom shower idea

Above is a neutral tone colored small shower which offers a minimalist style. Likewise, the mosaic tiles and large scale tiles enhance the appearance of this neat bathroom. Moreover, there is a cute floating shelf for bathroom essentials. The stream line shower also looked stunning.

2. Contemporary Bathroom with Glass Door.

modern small bathroom with glass shower cubical A neat and stylish shower is seen above. Notice the varying degree of neutral color from the walls to the floors. Also, there is a gorgeous crystal chandelier illuminating the whole room. Similarly, there is niche lighting in the glass shower room. The continuous tiles also improve the aesthetics value of this room.

3. Traditional Bathroom with Skylight.

gorgeous mosaic tiles

As seen on the image above there are gorgeous mosaic tiles on the walls and pebble-like pattern on the shower floor. Moreover, there is also a space for bathroom essentials. Also, the skylight is a good source of illumination together with the circular window and niche light. On the other hand, at the corner there is a mahogany vanity with marble countertop.

4. Contemporary Bathroom with white marvel

design with marble tiles showers

This is a nice design with marble tiles. There is a modern rain showerhead that gives a romantic feeling every time you use it. Also, notice in the corner to help regulate the amount of water coming out from the shower, there is a digital system in the corner. This is definitely a beautiful shower room!

5. Modern Bathroom with Royal Shower-head.

walk in shower room

A lavish shower area is seen above. The design offers a minimalist style as seen by the simplicity of the shower. Moreover, the rain shower-head looks stunning accented by the corner light. The continuous black tile of the walls and small scale floor tiles look sleek and lovely.

6. Bathroom With White Tub in the Grey Tile.

mosaic tile bathtub Image Above is a bathroom with mosaic tiles both on the bathtub and walls. As seen on the image the freestanding bathtub looked cozy and gorgeous as well as the walls. Likewise, notice that the room has neutral color schemes.

7. Neutral En-suite Shower Room with attached Washbasin. 

 glass shower looks sophisticated Image The glass shower looks sophisticated and neat in the image above. The wooden accent of the floor and vanity offers a contemporary touch to this design. Additionally, the wonderful and sturdy vanity has a creative sink with elegant small fixtures. Also, the niche lighting enhances the reflection of the face on the large rectangular mirror.

8. Modern Bathroom with Parisian styles.

marble tiles Image A smooth and lovely small shower room made beautiful by marble tiles and subway ceramic tiles. The glass door shower and nickel handset with symmetrical light bulbs adds a dramatic appeal to the room.

9. Contemporary Bathroom with Carerra marble Vanity top and Bench seat.

mosaic stone tiles on walls

Image Definitely a neat and sophisticated shower room is seen above. The combination of different types of tiles makes this room exciting and wonderful. In particular, the shower room has mosaic stone tiles on the walls and floors. On the other hand, outside the shower area the floor is made up of porcelain tile with white square pattern. Moreover, the vanity looks glamorous with its sleek counter-top. 10. Contemporary Bathroom with curb-less shower with pebble tile

Master bath- Walk-in curbless shower

Image This gorgeous shower area also has a freestanding bathtub. The pebble-like wall structure creates a beautiful contrast to the overall appearance of the room. Additionally, the niche lighting looks neat and cool.

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