The Luxurious Osani Mirror Wall Art Deco by Insidherland

Osani Mirror

Mirrors. Everyone owns one because we always want to see ourselves to make sure that we look good every day. We have it in the bathroom, bedroom, and even in public areas in our house. When we go outside our homes, we can still see mirrors in our work places and even in commercial establishments

The Osani Mirror Wall Art Deco is a creative piece of art designed by Architect Joana Santos Barbosa of Insidherland a Portuguese brand. The way the Osani mirror  came into existence is such a creative way and story. The structure of the Osani Mirror originated from the Osani Circle game played by African Ife children of the Ituri forest of Congo. The children would sit in a circle with feet touching in the center and in turn each child names a circular object like the sun, moon. Like the family circle and sense of togetherness.

The Osani Mirror is all about nature and the natural world. It is from this sense of creativeness that a wonderful piece of home decor was created by the imaginative designer. The  Osani Mirror Wall Art Deco could be a focal point of your home giving it a glamorous look.








Created by Architect Joana Santos Barbosa in 2012, INSIDHERLAND is a Portuguese brand of exclusive author design. Drawn with the signature of the creator, all creations are closely connected with personal memories and have been highlighted for their innovative contemporary designs that wisely interpret the mysteries of the natural World.

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