changeable message print.

Large Notice Boards For Home

1. Personalised Cork Or Chalk Notice Board

Buy it : £115 .00

We all need a personalised pin or notice board for all those important bits in our lives.

Apart from being the most practical way of keeping important things safe, a notice board can be a piece of art and say a lot about you at a specific point in time.

Decorated with your little bits & pieces it is showing a snap shot of what you are up to at any point in time. Great for hanging little childrens ever changing art on, in their rooms. Perfect for helping teenagers to get organised. Or a very practical place to put those important things for the whole family.


2.  Personalised Write On Wipe Off Message Print

changeable message print.

Buy it : £27.50

Tell your sweetheart how much, and why you love them this week with this quirky write-on wipe-off print.

Write a special message on the glass to your loved one using the pen provided. When you’re ready to change your message just wipe off and start all over again!! . The possibilities are endless!

Why not order a his and hers, and share a weekly message to each other, or better still we can make up a bespoke print with your own personal message on.

3. Personalised chalkboard for dad

Personalised Chalkboard

Buy it : £44.00

A personalised chalkboard menu makes a unique Christmas present for the chef in the family and a delightful addition to any kitchen. This delightful personalised blackboard is a great way to celebrate your inner chef. And kids, big and small alike, will love adding hints and tips and scores to dad’s menu! Use this personalised chalkboard menu in the kitchen, chalking up the dish of the day, or in the garden as a BBQ sign or for the family picnic menu.

This personalised chalkboard menu is A3 in size and is designed to use in two ways, either hang from a hook using the cut-out handle shape at the top of the board, or place in the optional wood block holder to turn into a free standing table top board.

4. World Map Cork Noticeboard

World Map Cork

Buy it : £24.95

Build a version of the world the way you see it with this wonderful cork map noticeboard.

It serves two brilliant purposes. Firstly it looks fabulous and complements any wall you stick it to, and also, you can use the push pins provided to attach photos, postcards, tickets and any other mementos of your travels. The cork board map helps you to create a unique and personalised world map!

5. A Picture By My Grandchild’ Peg Board

 Picture By My Grandchild' Peg Board

Buy it : £9.99

A gorgeous pegged product to display pictures by your grandchildren. The little pegged out product’s dimensions are 9.5x11cm. It’s made of wood with a metal hanger and a wooden peg.

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