10 Inspirational Art Studio Designs

If you are an Artist and need a quiet and peaceful place where you can bring out your creative side. It is important that through your piece of work you can inspire others and connect with the ones who see it. Your thoughts and motivation should be painted well and clear on the canvas. The art studio should be attractive and have a lot of colors that makes it look a little playful. There are no ground rules or guidelines that you have to follow. Below are some amazing ideas for art studio designs.

1.   Cressida Campbell Portrait

Studio with a black comfortable chair

All you need is a place like this where you can sit and relax and paint. Too much furniture is not needed. A stand for keeping the canvas, a table for paints and water is all that you need. A black comfortable chair that has wheels will help you move easily from one position to another.

2.   Open Room Space


Open room with natural light

Even levels of natural light has been created in the open space of the room. Sliding doors and clerestory windows and skylights with operable shades are the key highlights of the room. The windows have translucent shades. Direct sunlight can fade the actual colors and so you should maintain the right amount of light in the room.


3.   Room With A Sliding Door


Track lighting with high wood ceiling

The room has a sliding door to go outside. It has a track lighting with high wood ceiling. The room also has skylights. The huge table in the middle of the room and an easel is what catches the eye.


4.   Artists Paradise

Opening of the garage door will provide you with easy access

This is how functionally you can turn your garage into an artists paradise. The opening of the garage door will provide you with easy access to the outside. The unfinished flooring and the beams of light entering the room from the ceiling makes it an ideal for an artists studio.

5.   Neutral Painted Room


Long counter with shelves underneath

There is a long counter with shelves underneath. Instead of open cabinets there are closed shelves. The room has been painted in neutral colors and has a counter seating for desk. The slim upper cabinets are also a good idea for storage purposes.

6.   Bright And Colorful Space

Attractive art studio

A bright and colorful space always looks very attractive. This room has been painted in white with a bright floral printed floor mat that adds color to the room. There are table on each side which lets you work in comfort and provides enough space.

7.    Art Studio Design

Creative art studio

A small place can also be enough for creativity just like this one. All that is needed is a table, chair and a little storage space. The clean look helps you work with ease. The way the scissors of different sizes have been displayed on the wall not only looks good but solves storage issues and you can easily find them.


8.   Artist Studio


Huge window provides with a clear view

If you have a small attic it can be well utilized and turned into a studio for the artist in you. The huge window provides with a clear view of the outside and the hard wooden flooring works well as a table. For keeping your tools and books you can keep one or two tables here and there.


9.   Room With A Mat

One wall has windows installed which provide with ample light

The room has a mat which has been spread on the floor under the table. It often gets messy and dirty when working so this mat helps in keeping clean and to avoid cleaning the floor stains. One wall has windows installed which provide with ample light to work in.


10.   Perfect Art Studio

White washed room with wooden flooring

A white washed room with wooden flooring that is clutter free makes a perfect studio for artists. The table has been placed right in front of the window where you can sit back on the chair and work from. The concept of placing wooden planks on the legs of the table that can serve for storage is very clever.

I am a professional interior designer who loves to craft his professional experience in blogs.

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