10 How To Make Your Own DIY Pencil Holder

If you are a person who uses a pen or a pencil all the time, you definitely need a good pencil holder so that you can find them whenever you need. If you do not went to spend money and splurge on buying a holder to keep all you pen and pencils, you could simply make it on your own in just no time. You can make some very good and unique pencil holders that are useful at the same time. Generally we keep searching everywhere for a working pen but here are some useful DIY Pencil Holder ideas that will help you make your own holder.


1.   Old Cassette


Use old cassette to make a holder

Use old cassette to make a holder. Whichever shape and size you choose just assemble the cassette that do not work any more. For the one in the picture all you need to do is to stick four cassettes together and your holder is ready.

2.   Holder Made From An Old Grater

Th grater  provides with ample space

This holder has been made from an old grater. It can be hung anywhere and you do not have to work on it at all. It provides with ample space when you turn it upside down and you can store all your coloured pencils and pens.


3.  Attractive Holder

Holder with different holes for each pencil or pen

A holder like this one looks very attractive and has different holes made for each pencil or pen that you would want to keep. This way the colors can be seen very clearly and they do not even get mixed up.

4.  Phone Book Pencil Cup

Each petal has a compartment where you can store things

Pages from an old book, diary or newspaper can be glued together to make a hard structure. The best part is that you can make whatever shape you like such as a flower in the picture. Each petal has a compartment where you can store things. Depending on your need you can decide what you want to make.


5.  Tin Boxes

Tin boxes last longer and are more durable

Often you have old boxes of spices or cereals that you throw away, but here is how you can surprisingly use them. The tin boxes last longer and are more durable. You can hang them in the living area or the kitchen area to keep pencils and note down things when needed.

6.   Piece Of Log With Holes

In the holes you can keep pencils or pens

Like in the picture you can get a piece of log and drill as many holes as you like in it. In these holes you can keep pencils or pens of your choice.

An old can or old tin carton that you might be throwing away can turn out to be a beautiful holder. You could either paint them or use crochet coverings like the one in the picture to hide the can. You can store pens, and pencils in these beautiful creation of yours.


7.   Blue Covering In Crochet


Pencil holder lighten and brighten up your mood

Blue covering in crochet that is so bright will definitely lighten and brighten up your mood whenever you sit down to work. The pen holder will grab your attention.   A holder can sometimes really do a lot for you when you are working. The same old boring looking holder can let you down so, try this bright hued holder that you can make for yourself.

8.   Cut Cupcake Shaped Pencil Holder

Cute pencil holder

This cut cupcake shaped pencil holder will look very cute in your room. You could use it in a kids room for storing pencils or even in the kitchen to just increase your appetite.


9.   Can With Corks Décor

Beautiful holder

You could use a glass or a can and decorate it with corks. Cover the body entirely with corks and you are good to go. You will be amazed to see the result and how easily you get such a beautiful holder.


I am a professional interior designer who loves to craft his professional experience in blogs.

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