10 Homemade Christmas Tree Stands

Christmas is all about homemade cookies and stories told next to the fireplace, surrounded by enchanting decorations. The holiday’s charm stands in the evergreen tree. John Geddes wrote in “A familiar rain” that “Freshly cut Christmas trees smell of stars and snow and pine resin.” Evergreens are pillars of strength, withstanding the harsh conditions of winter. They have been treasured as symbols of life and rebirth for millenniums. Celtics and Romans honored these trees in Winter Solstice celebrations. They considered the evergreens to be promises of new beginnings. The trees were used to decorate the home, as their scent was believed to protect its inhabitants.

No one can deny the aura of magic emanated by a Christmas tree. As much as decorating it brings enjoyment, securing it is not necessary a pleasure. You need a stand that not only keeps the tree in place, but also looks amazing integrated in your room’s décor. If you are on the hunt of finding the perfect homemade Christmas tree stand, then you will find inspiration in our selection below.

1. Sheer genius Christmas décor

small xmas tree stand

A hat tree is sheer genius. Not only it looks stunning, but it’s also eco-friendly, easy to assemble and remove. However, it can’t replace the smell of the evergreens. To incorporate one tiny tree into your Christmas décor, secure it with a stand made of two small wood crates.

2. DIY weaving basket tree stand

basket tree stand

Have a way with weaving? Why not try crafting your own handmade basket this Christmas? Even if you have no clue about the process there are plenty of DIY tutorials you can draw inspiration from.

3. DIY inspiration

DIY inspiration

You can find our favorite tutorial here, along with plenty of other DIY projects. You will need cardboard, rattan or newspaper tubes, glue and scissors.

4. DIY Christmas tree stands

 Christmas tree stands

There are several techniques you can learn and use. You just need a little free time and a little more patience. Just keep your eyes on the prize, because the results are astonishing.

5. Beauty and versatility

 elegance and style

Your amazing creation will fit in any décor, from rustic to modern. The finished product will add a touch of elegance and style, while gracefully blending in.

6. Beautiful and unique tree stand

unique tree stand

Don’t let an unappealing tree support ruin your holiday decorations. Choose one that will perfectly complement the room’s décor. This stand is as beautiful as the tree itself and as intriguing as the chairs.

7. A lovely gift from nature

gift from nature

The evergreen is a gift from nature and should be treated accordingly. Honor it by creating a lovely gift stand. This is an easy DIY project, as the box is used to hide the tree support, not to secure it itself.

8. DIY wood trunk tree stand

DIY wood trunk tree

Another easy project to DIY yourself this Christmas is the wood trunk tree stand. With its simplicity and charm, the tree stand will gracefully complement your holiday décor.

9. Charming and eco-friendly

Charming and eco-friendly

The wood trunk Christmases tree support has the versatility to mold on any style. It will blend perfectly in a room, adding a rustic flair to it’s décor.

10. The beautiful outcome

xmas tree stand craft

If you have the time, by all means dedicate some of it to crafting you own tree stand. The satisfaction of seeing your creation “come to live” under the lights of the Christmas tree will be tremendous.

Personalize your evergreen this Christmas with a homemade tree stand. Are you willing to give it a shot?

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