10 DIY Paper Pendant Light Ideas

Sometimes its the simplest ideas that are the best ones. Paper pendant lights are both simple and cheap to make at home, and you can get super creative with your designs. Chic, fun or personalised, create designs to suit each room and have soft, fabulous lighting without the hefty price tag. They are stylish DIY pendant light projects with Varying styles, sizes, shapes and hues, each one has a distinct charm of its own.

You can make one using paper, wire, old stuff, plastic bottles and a whole lot more. Try to check out this list and we are sure that after seeing this, your interior is bound to be illuminated with beauty!

1. Cheap and Awesome TLC Pendant Paper Lamp

TLC Pendant Paper Lamp

These feel-good designs have been personalised with positive messages to lend some positive thoughts each day. Hang free hanging lights such as these at varied heights for a more random, haphazard feel.

2. Contemporary Pendant Light

 Pendant Light

This cut-out paper design has a chic, designer feel and will create amazing shapes of light across a room. Simplistic and fresh, geometry and clean lines are very on trend right now.

3. Repeated Print Eclectic Pendant Lamp

Pendant Lamp

This jazzy piece is perfect for adding an accent colour to a room and creating that eclectic vibe. An interesting mix of creative geometry with a repeated colourful print makes it a real statement interior item that will brighten up any space.

4. Circular Paper Ceiling Light with Metal Framework

Circular Paper Ceiling Light

These circular lights blend harmoniously with the rest of the neutral decor in this room, and the paper works really well as another natural material, complimenting the wooden ceiling and doors, fabric chairs and large pot plants.

5. Japanese Style Box Pendant Light

 paper box lights

This Japanese inspired space encompasses minimalism, clean lines and square shapes. These paper box lights work perfectly with the rest of the natural materials and squares, such as the windows, table and cushions.

6. Textured Spherical Paper Shade

spherical paper light

This spherical paper light takes a twist on the classic you can find almost everywhere. Within the paper are some shavings of some sorts creating this textured, feather-like effect. You can purchase this paper at most craft stores or alternatively try making it at home with two sheets of tissue paper and rubber shavings glued in between. 

7. Chinese Style Printed Paper Pendant Light

Paper Pendant Light

This large chinese style ceiling pendant hangs low over the table and features an oversized tassel hanging from the center. The printed design can be easily achieved at home by using wallpaper to cover a cylindrical shape, whilst the underside is created by very small, delicate paper folds.

8. Geometric Paper Pendant Light

chic party room

This chic party room uses minimal furniture, creative coloured wall printing and interesting lighting to create this atmospheric space. These multi-face hanging paper lamps are varied in size and length and situated in the corner of the room, enhancing the area with soft lighting, leaving the rest of the space open with the appearance of being larger than it is.

9. Spherical Paper Pendant Lamp

Spherical Paper Pendant Lamp

This charming Japanese tea room uses muted tones of green and soft lighting to project a relaxing sense of calm and tranquility. This simple hanging lantern emits just the right level of lighting and the paper lends itself perfectly to the rest of natural materials used in the space.

10. Personalised Message Light Design

personalized light

This uber contemporary dining room is softened up by this amazing personalised note light creation. A simple idea and simple to make, this is a creative way to add a personal touch to a family room and leave you smiling every morning over breakfast. 

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