Animal themed cartoon clock

Decorative Boys Wall Clocks Ideas

Learning to tell the time is an important part of any child’s education, and the best education starts at home. For older children, giving them the responsibility to manage their own time is another steep learning curve, but one that is important towards their own development.

Whether you want to keep an eye on the clock while you sit with your little one in the nursery, or you want to make sure your teenager is out of their bedroom and makes it to dinner on time, you’ll need a stylish and cool wall clock so there are no excuses for any lateness or overrunning.

Luckily we’ve got you covered and we’ll show you some great wall clocks for inclusion in your little boys’ bedrooms, no matter what stage of life they, and you, are at.

Take a look at these clocks for inspiration on how you can find wall clocks that are functional, fun, and stylish at the same time:

1. London Underground

Red and blue wall clock

You can’t get much wrong in a little boy’s bedroom if you stick to red and blue. Mix that with something that they can relate to or something that encourages their sense of adventure and you have a winning mix.

2. Personalised Clock

Boys wall clock

If your little one is learning to tell the time or you’re encouraging them to pay more attention to the clock, a personalised clock could be the answer.

3. Mini Wall Clock

Personalised mini cooper clock

This one’s great for older boys who are starting to take an interesting in boys toys such as cars. It’s minimal and stylish, but bright and fun too.

4. Solar System Style

Cool and minimal solar system clock

For little boys who are very interested in time and space, get them thinking more about how time words with this cool and minimal solar system clock.

5. Vehicle Clock

Pastel and bright coloured clock

Get your child to pay attention to all hands of a clock with this pastel and bright coloured clock. The range of vehicles mean that there is bound to be one that your little one can relate to, whether he’s a budding ambulance driver, bus driver, or firefighter.

6. Personalised Animal Clock

Boys wall clocks

For the animal lover, this educational wall clock can do no wrong. You aren’t restricted to any strict colour schemes, and you can personalise it to engage with your little one even more.

7. Camouflage Clock

Great clock for older boys

A great clock for older boys with a sense of adventure, and who also have a good understanding of time and are able to read a clock with no numbers.

8. Driving Dog Clock

Animal themed cartoon clock

For any young cartoon lover with a vivid imagination, any animal themed cartoon clock is ideal!

9. Jungle Clock

Wall clock for the animal and adventure lover

For the animal and adventure lover, give them a cartoon animal clock like this one, with friendly faces that are inviting and encouraging.

10. The Great Outdoors

Patchwork clock

If you have a style conscious little one, go for something that mixes style with fun and quirkiness, like this reminder of the great outdoors, which is also a sort of patchwork clock made up of various colours and patterns.

There’s a huge range of clocks available on the high street and online, you’re sure to find the right one for you and your little one. If in doubt, you can always ask your child to make the final decision.

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