Warren Gatreaux Irvington Residence Coconut Grove, Florida

Coconut groves have a soothing effect on the mind and the body. It gives the feel of a resort and adds much needed greenery to the place. Mind feels relaxed and you feel a spiritual effect coming to your soul. The foliage enclosed within the garden area and the swimming pool area makes the place neat and clean. Lights are prevalent in the scenic beauty that makes the night look resplendent. The night time throws a deep colour and the morning time has a different colour altogether. The place looks like a cottage with multiple rooms set aside in glass doors. Certain warmth with raw energy can be felt inside the house. You can sit for hours on end and watch the natural surrounding come to life. You can take inspiration for your farmhouse which is set in a tropical zone.

Enjoy touring the pictures of Warren Gatreaux Irvington Residence Coconut Grove, Florida below :-

 Outside Views with Swimming pool

 Outside Views with Swimming pool

Swimming pool with rock like border is the highlight of the coconut grove. You can see rooms through the glass doors. Long grass with coconut tree looks splendid.

Living And Dining Room Combo

Living And Dining Room Combo

The room has red colour smooth sofa inside when you view through the glass door. Dining table is placed inside as well and in the side panel near the swimming area you can also see dining table and chairs.

 Variegated coconut trees

 Variegated coconut trees

Variegated coconut trees are filled around the white colour structures and there are small bushes near the place. The ground has black and grey small gravels.

Modern Room with Orange Shade Color

pool sitting area

A modern room with orange shade colour with scribbling in black is something unique and modern. The resting chairs near the pool area have rotating wheels.

 Warren Gatreaux Irvington Residence Wall

wall besides swimming pool

When you look at the wall beside the swimming pool you can feel that the bricks have a peach colour which is not that polished and at the same time not matte. Green big grass grows downwards near the brick walls.

Warren Gatreaux Irvington Residence Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen

Kitchen area shows a chimney in black polished furnishing. Stove is attached on the stove and red colour kettle is placed near to it.

Red velvet chair

Red velvet chair

A section of the table is placed with red velvet chair that looks splendid acting as working table that is polished in white. A modern painting is placed opposite to the table.

Open Plan Kitchen And Dining

Open Plan Kitchen And Dining

The dining table is of wooden structure and the mats on it are printed in red. There are two glass doors on opposite side to make the look even fresh with coconut grove in the picture.

Kitchen with Glass walls

stove area has kettle

The stove area has kettle on it which is of metallic nature. Just adjacent is the dining table.

 Minimalist Home office

Minimalist Home office

Working area has wooden table that is polished with a desktop in one of the shelves and inside room shows stacks of books on the vertical shelf.

Master bedroom with Glass Walls

master bedroom

The bedroom has a beige colour mattress on the bed with two glass doors acting as the balcony and a modern painting behind the bed.

Warren Gatreaux Irvington Residence Bathroom

modern bathroom

The bathroom looks polished in white porcelain and glass door by which the picture of coconut groves falls over.

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