quinta da marinha front line villa with green yard

Breath Taking Villa with beautiful sea view in Quinta da Marinha, Cascais,Lisbon

They say money cant buy you happiness but it can surely buy you a spacious house like this Quinta Da Marinha Residence in Portugal. This upper class house design has alot to offer than it looks from outside.  The house has a  bar, cinema, social areas and WC. Laundry, Kitchen. Two staff bedrooms and bathroom. Changing Room with showers for pool support. Garage for up to 10 cars Ground Floor 393.45m2: Entrance Hallway. Interior Garden. Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen. Office, 3 Bedrooms with 2 Bathrooms. One bedroom en-suite. Covered exterior deck First Floor 216.45m2: Gymnasium, 2 Bedrooms with one bathroom. One bedroom en-suite. Master Bedroom ensuite with extensive private terrace . The Quinta Da Marinha Residence is located in Lisbon,Portugal built at the end of the dead road where it is quite and has not many people disturbing the peace of that area. It surely is fabulous private mansion in it’s own right. It has additional features such as Staircase, Elevator, Lake style water feature at main entrance to villa. Tropical gardens, Swimming Pool, Technical Areas. Have a look at the pictures of this marvellous Villa below from portugal property to give you the idea of how it was made.

1. Quinta da Marinha, Cascais Residence Portugal

Quinta da Marinha villa outside view

This house is built on massive land with lots of space nearby the sea in Quinta Da Marinha, Portugal. The owner of this luxury home decorated the ground outside with green grass and by planting trees to give it abit of an echo friendly look.

2 . Quinta Da Marinha Residence at Night with Lights On


At night this house looks good and much prominent with lights on. The pool gives the reflection of the house at night and looks like a glass corridor.

3.  Ocean Sea Views through the glass glass walls of the House


Through the glass walls someone from inside the house could easily be sitted enjoying a cup of tea and still able to view the swimming pool area and the beautiful sea view.

3. Large Outside Swimming Pool


There is nothing as good as having a swimming pool in the hot weather to cool down and just relax. Given the glass walls this pretigious modern house design have, if you have kids you can easily see them swimming in the pool from inside the house.

4. Portugal Villa Frontline Quinta Da Marinnha at night


With bright lights on, this house looks amazingly different all together when it is dark.

5.  portugal Villa frontline quinta da marinnha tree out side pool


If standing from where the tree is, one can really get to appreciate the awesome views of the swimming pool and sea views. This place has holiday associated sort of feel.

6. portugal Villa Frontline Quinta Da marinnha glass walls

portugal Villa frontline quinta da marinnha-glass walls

The outside views of this Villa architecture looks stunning,neat and well maintained making this building appear more luxurious.

7. Portugal Villa Frontline Quinta Da Marinha Swimming Pool Views



8. Quinta Da Marinha Front Line Villa With Green Yard

quinta da marinha front line villa with green yard

What a contemporary home design , looking at the intire views of it’s architecture. This chairs there just makes you feel like having a lazy time just enjoying the views of the sea and nice fresh breeze of air coming from the sea.

10. Frontline Quinta Da Marinha bedroom with sea view


A minimalist bedroom design with marverous sea views. wherever in the house one might be,you cant help it but admire how inspirational this place is.

11. Quinta DA Marinha villa Kitchen Design

Quinta da Marinha sea side residence Kitchen design

Well fitted White cabinets and wooden worktops Kitchen design with flooring that matches the walls of this minimalist kitchen design.

12.  Quinta Da Marinha Villa Kitchen design with wooden countertops

quinta da marinha villa Kitchen design

Instead of using the walls to mount the kitchen cabinets the wooden worktop was used making it serve two purposes. As a waork and as supporting wall of the cabinets and cooker.

13.  Quinta da marinha sea front villa Hall-way

quinta da marinha sea front villa Hall way

Large hall way with plenty of natural light coming through. Just by standing on the wall way one can’t help but glance at the lovely ocean views this modern house design offers.

14. Quinta Da Marinha Sea Front Villa Bathroom sinks and bathtub

quinta da marinha Sea front villa bathroom sinks and bathtub

Plenty of natural  light into this amazing contemporary bathroom. In this house you can still enjoy a bubble bath light in front of the sea from inside the house.

14. Quinta da marinha Sea front villa Glass bathroom

Sea front villa Glass bathroom


Well designed contemporary bathroom with modern sink,bathtub,toilet seat and glass surrounded shower cubical. A large house like this has more than one bathroom and toilet. The walls and the floor compliment each other to give them prestigious contemporary features.

14. Quinta da marinha Sea front villa Glass bathroom with sea views

Glass Bathroom with sea views

15. quinta da marinha villa with minimalist living room

minimalist living room

A simple minimalist living room design with less furniture but still maintains it’s beautiful and contemporary design.

16. quinta da marinha villa Floor Plans

. quinta_da_marinha_villa_Floor_plans


house plan idea

We are not given the house plans just to see how this Quinta Da Marinha residence in Cascais,Lisbon,Portugal was built. The room designs in this residence has an open plan layout design giving it bags of space to make use of.

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