Wooden features match the surrounding trees

Twilight House By Edward Cullen (John Hoke House)

When the first Twilight film burst onto our screens in 2008, it had already taken the literary world by storm, and book lovers all across the world were expecting the movie to recreate the intense passion, emotion, and magic they had experienced with the Twilight book series. People had paid great attention to every detail in the book, so it was important that the film met the criteria and rewarded the fans with what they had expected and better.

The twilight house by E. Cullen , in the books series, is described as a luxury contemporary home in a secluded woodland. And the film did not come short in fulfilling that description. The house used in the film is owned by John Yoke after it was built in 2006. You may have already seen the film, so let’s delve deeper into what makes this John Hoke house a wonderful home :

Breathtaking architecture


Wooden house design
What stands out most is the striking, sharp design of the home – it’s like nothing we’ve seen before.

Wooden Welcoming Hallways

Hallway with modern furniture

Seating area with huge windows
The book does wonders to eliminate vampire stereotypes, starting with a warm and welcoming hallway with modern furniture and plenty of light.

Comfy And Stylish Living Areas

Home interior

Spacious living area
For the close-knit Cullen family, a living area with space that encourages communication is a key part of their home.

Minimalist Wooden Kitchen Areas

Kitchen with large wndows

Kitchen with large windows
Vampires don’t eat too much human food and tend to use their kitchens less, but this large and airy kitchen brings the Cullens closer to nature and wildlife with large windows and lots of natural wood.

Sleek dining room

Dark and industrial dining room
This dark and industrial dining room contrasts with the light and airy feel of the rest of the home, especially the living areas. This clearly defines a dining room for a family that values time spent dining together.

Open Master Bedroom

Bedroom with lights
This fuss free but awe inspiring follows this home’s rule for minimal and modern chic. Books and artwork are treasured by the intelligent homeowners, but not much else.

Contemporary stylish children’s bedroom

This bedroom is fantastic to awaken imaginations
This modern but stimulating children’s bedroom is fantastic to awaken imaginations and encourage communication between siblings. Sharing and positive relationships are important to the family.

Secluded Outdoor Dining

Wooden features match the surrounding trees
This outdoor balcony takes us as close to nature as is possible. Wooden features match the surrounding trees and a wonderfully relaxing feel.

Light And Airy Bathroom

Natural liht omes in through the windows
A fuss free family that doesn’t overindulge in vanity needs a bathroom that is clean, open and relaxing – matching the description of this room perfectly.

So, whether you’re a Twilight fan or not, there’s no denying the beauty of the architecture and design of this contemporary home in Portland, USA.

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