House view in the evenings

Transparent Glass Wall Contemporary Home In Casa Blanca ,Peru

This beautiful contemporary home in Casa Blanca, Peru, is nothing like we’ve ever seen before. It’s a South American beauty, which is a mix of warmth, contemporary design, openness, and lots of light and space.

It’s an open plan home that is perfect for a couple who love to indulge, get away from it, and love to relax, dine, and entertain outdoors. Much of the space is outdoor, and the building is very transitional between indoor living and outdoor living, which is allowed by subtropical climates experienced on the Peruvian coast.

Join us for a short tour of the home’s wonderful exterior and interior, though we do apologise for the sheer jealousy you’re guaranteed to experience afterwards by the luxurious outdoor swimming pool and relaxation area of not by the stunningly simple open plan living and dining room:

Perfect Exterior Balance

 contemporary shaped home

The contemporary shaped home isn’t too offensive, stand out, or bold. It has the right mix of natural materials and bright white walls.

Beautifully Lit

House view in the evenings

Spotlighting and uplighting surrounding the home works best to showcase the home and also provide the best evening lighting for outdoor dining and entertainment.

Large Living Dining Room

Modern living and dining space

The home has a modern living and dining space, but clever layouts mean that the two areas can be kept separate, but not too much that the dining space becomes too formal.

High Gloss White Kitchen

Modern kitchen design

Glossy kitchens are popular for their sleekness, durability, modern style, and also their ability to make bold blocks of colour stand out.

Bold Splash Of Yellow

Splash of yellow complements the blue of the pool


Bold splash of yellow complement the warm brown wooden panels

This bold splash of yellow stands out against the muted tones of the rest of the building, but it complements the blue of the pool and the warm brown wooden panels perfectly.

Outdoor Staircase

The staircase connects the interior and exterior of the home

With Peruvian culture allowing, this staircase connects the interior and exterior of the home.

Sheltered Outdoor Space

Outdoor living and dining area

To protect from harsh sunlight, the outdoor living and dining area is shaded but welcome, and provides as much space as inside the home for an emphasis on outdoor living.

Infinity Spa Pool

Modern garden with a pool

This modern garden is perfect for relaxing and getting away from it all. The small infinity pool is big enough for two, but won’t let you be distracted by children or guests.

Cool Tones In The Bedroom

Bedroom with a green bedspread


Bedroom with a blue bedcover and pillows

The bedrooms are an important getaway which should be cool, subdued, and relaxing like these blue and green toned bedrooms with lots of light.

Contrasting bathroom spaces

Bathroom with black and white floor tiles


Monochrome bathroom design

The orange and monochrome bathroom is en suite, where a bit more personality can be applied and enjoyed. THe more minimal and subdued bathroom matches the minimal design of the home and is user friendly for all guests.

This stunning home carries the warmth of Peruvian interior design, mixed with contemporary minimalism and the juxtaposition of indoor and outdoor living.

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