Thiva house with an outdoor swimming pool

Thiva House in California

Thiva House is a one storey modern house design by Takis Exarchopoulos for a family of four in Thiva town, Greece. The house from the exterior views has a simple architecture structure. It has a floor area of 205sq.m in U-shaped house design style consisting of three defined parallel piped volumes.

The house has a modern pool and well mowed grass garden right next to the pool and closer to beautiful wooden decking. The exterior features of the house shows the gray stone wall cladding ,white painted planking and the large transparent glass windows which acts as the modern house walls on one side of the house. The family can enjoy the panoramic views of the outside landscapes from the living room, kitchen or dining room area of their house interiors. The house has a stairway that leads to the basement which could be used for storing household stuff, heating boilers, Landry room and garage space.

Enjoy the amazing views of Thiva house modern house design below in pictures and hope you get inspired by its features, materials and other architectural details that might be helpful to you.

Thiva House Deck and pool

Thiva house view at night

Modern wooden decking is a great place to spend some time rleaxing with family or guests closert to the pool.

Thiva House Pool design

Thiva house with an outdoor swimming pool

Large glass windows which acts the house walls ovelooking the swimming pool gives good views of the exteriors right from the interiors.

Garden Area

House exterior with green grass

Beautiful contemporary minimalist style house design with amazing modern house features. the garden lawn is well maintained ,the plants and the trees adds a feel of nature to the house.

Thiva House North Facade View

Thiva house exterior design

The gray stone on the drive through of the house are a good contrast to the house exterial color and other materials.


Thiva house exterior design

When designing the landscape around the house trees,plants ,earth colors were put into consideration to make the house enveronmental friendly.

Interior Passage

Thiva house interior design

The passage from the house entrace has clean lines that showcases the materials used when building the interiors of the house.

Thiva House Dining / Living

Dining area with modern chairs

Kitchen and living room share the same floor with a simple deivider in the middle . The green and black dining chairs adds style to the dining together with the wooden table.

Kitchen And Bathroom

thiva house

Moden kitchen appears narrow but has beautiful design and colors. The master bathroom looks great with gray wall that matches the floor. The white bathroom fixtures and the mirror all are contemporary designed.

Thiva House Stairway

Thiva house interior with wooden floor and wall

The wooden wall and the floor design and color have a natural warm feel appearance. The stairway that leads down goes to the basement of the house.

Thiva House View From Entrace

Outside view is seen from the glass wall

Glass walls protecting the entrace leading to the decking area offer panoramic views way from the house of the landscape.

Thiva House Inner Courtyard

Thiva house with white steps

Inner courtyard of thiva house features the wooden deck, plants going up the stairs on the side and a tree.

View of  Thiva House From The North

Thiva house view at night

Sleek Modern house architecture with different box layers design. materials used for thsi side of the house appear to be concrete,bricks ,paneling and plenty of lighting.

Thiva House Entrace

Thive house entry with light seen from the door

Like the glass roof above the entrace area offers protection from the sun and rain . Great lighting too.


Thiva house drawing plan design

Basement Plan

Thiva house drawing plan

 First Floor Plan

Thiva house drawing plan



Thiva house drawing planThiva house drawing plan

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