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The Peninsula Residence Home And Interior Design

The Peninsula house is a home design by Keith Baker.  Keith Baker has been designing both local and international buildings.  The expertise and professionalism of Keith baker as a designer who is also a fine woodworker,joiner and cabinetmaker does not go without being noticed in his home designs like this Peninsula residence.  He takes each house design a seriously and that can be seen in the use of fine wooden features and materials used in this wooden ,stone and concrete house architecture.

Peninsula residence is full of a luxury feel and modern house design element that cannot be resisted in this modern dream home. be inspired as you go through by the tour of this home.

Front Of House Patio with Stone Pillars

front of house patio

Exterior house structure made out of wood with front of house Patio  Featuring stone pillar and supportive wooden beams roof.

Beautiful Landscapes

peninsula house

The outside of the house is well maintained with beautiful landscapes featuring green trees in front of the house and plants at the backyard garden.

sitting area for the house

Gray concrete floor area that can be used is a relaxing outdoor sitting area during summer time.


Beautifully designed stairs going up the hill to the front of house patio.  These concrete stairs make the house look like a bit of the house on a hill .


concrete stairs

Hallway with plants and a big window nearby that brings in lots of natural light. The nice double door made out of wood complements with the rest of the wood elements around the house.

Stone Feature Wall

stone wall in living room

Modern nice living room design with a stone feature wall with fireplace embedded in it.  Next to the stone wall is a big window with beautiful views of blue waters and tree landscape from afar.

Open Plan Kitchen/Dining

dining room Long dining and kitchen room open space  with a nice wooden dining table and chairs.  The kitchen has an island which also can be used a breakfast area or bar area.  Nice hanging lighting decor in the middle of the kitchen and dining .

Home Office Area

home office

Small Home office area on what seems to be a hall way and near window not far from the kitchen.

Peninsula Residence Modern Kitchen Design


kitchen storage

kitchen tables

Modern kitchen design with a beautiful smart white kitchen island with bar chairs and the island has a sink in the middle. Lots of built in cabinets and cupboards including floating shelf above the cooker area for storage system. The wooden kitchen floor matches with kitchen cabinet color tone.

Peninsula Residence Bathroom Ideas

bathroom sink

Full bathroom

shower room


This bathroom looks luxurious and spacious enough to be one of the best modern bathrooms in new built homes.  The small bowl link sink design is a sweet decorative functional bathroom piece with a zen element when that little plant was added. The bathroom has amazing modern bathroom vanity pieces.,a modern glass shower and a bathtub separately close to the window.

Peninsula Residence Bedroom

bedroom design


Master bedroom with sliding glass door leading to the balcony with beautiful views of water and nature.  Close to the bedroom wall is a hallway that goes to the bathroom and what looks to be a spare bedroom.

Storage Space Closet


A spacious home like this one would come with storage space in mind. Look at this great storage closet with built in cupboards ,cabinets and shelves to store away things. Just what every home needs.

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