THE AVALON Classic Homestead Inspired Design In Australia

The Avalon classic home is a combination of both modern as well as rustic charm. Stones, greenery, triangular shaped ceiling of the house with roofing from which the water can be seeped down is the identical feature in the homes of Avalon in Australia.

Today we are showcasing THE AVALON Classic Homestead Inspired Design In Australia. The are different exterior and interior pictures below, therefore this can help you as you design your new home .


Prestigious  Modern AVALON Classic Homestead
External Homestead Inspires Design With Conicle Shaped Roof And It Is Flat On The Other Side

The house has a conical shaped roof on one side and the other has a flat roof. There are two tiers in the house. Yellow light is put in the entire house. Box shaped white panelled glass is put. You can see the inside from the out.

Contemporary Open Space Kitchen 

Dining room is combined with kitchen. Open kitchen gives a fresh feel with granite table tops and low wooden stool. Shelves and cabinets are built for proper storage with silver tap of the wash basin.

Contemporary Open Space Kitchen with Island And bar chairs


There are wooden cabinets placed opposite to the table. A silver refrigerator is in built and kept in the shelf of the wooden plank. Wooden flooring with white table and small cupboards is the contrasting feature.


Contemporary Open Space Kitchen And Dining

Garden fresh iceberg lettuce and red tomatoes are kept on the chopping board on the table. Different flower vase with flowers are kept on the table of the drawing room.

Classic Dining Room Area With Character Windows

Rugged polished wooden chairs make the look attractive in its own sense with the rugged dining table. A glass jar is kept with red winged flowers and green leaf.

Modern Living Room 
The living room has white sofas, cabinet like shelves where television is put up with books and showpieces. The glass door open to the courtyard emitting soft blue light.

Contemporary Living Area Avalon Classic Homestead Inspired Design In Australia
An old chest of drawer square in shape is placed in the middle acting as a center table. White milk bottle of porcelain is placed on the table with yellow twig like flowers and books are kept in the side.
The carpet is an old art which is placed below the sofas and the tables. Tyre shaped clock hangs in one of the wall. There are three stoned pillars within gaps.
The inside living room has leather sofas and soft material white cover sofas. There is a brown chest of drawer with black leg kept in the middle. White sheer material curtains looks befitting.

White And Grey Sophisticated Bedroom Avalon Classic Homestead Inspired Design
The bedroom has a simple bed of white and grey criss-cross material which is tough in material and a small cushion with bird print on it. In the side there is a section for hanging bath robes and night gowns.

Contemporary Interior Passageway With A Red Carpet

Entrance from the outside leads to a narrow passageway where red carpet is spread leading to dark wood steps and black iron rods which makes it strong and sturdy.
The bathroom has two wash basins on the granite plank. There is a white porcelain shaped bottle where the yellow twigs are placed. Horizontal glass on the wall behind the wash basin makes it all the more sombre.

Outside garden Area with decking

The backside of the house has three stoned pillars which is the highlight of the house with grassy area nearby.

Outdoor Living Area

A very neat wooden patio decor glammed up by cane furnishing and the exotic greenery at the background. The wooden seating at the garden is a good plus.

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