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Stunning big modern houses Designs

Big modern houses designs are always welcome as you can put in lot of creativity and with space by your side you have the liberty to put in as many items in the area. Big modern house designs are always full of fun and gravity. It adds class and royalty to the place. With the addition of the garden you can also have a backyard a swimming pool and a host of other lounge areas in and around the place. Depending on the altitude you can keep more than two floors in the house. Here are some of the ideas which will transform your house with creativity at its extent:-

1.   Modern Home In Oakville Ontario

Modern home with minimal yet sophisticated feel

Black panels of the house and elegant area of the house has glass across to give it minimal yet sophisticated feel to the area. Grass is spread outside in a vast expanse and a swimming pool is also built in.

2.   Port Ludlow House

Modern house

Wooden structure of the house has a stair like appearance with glass acting as the door and the walls of the house. Comfortable chairs are spread outside the house near to the lawn area.

3.   Casa SAC I

Big modern design

The lights in the house which are small and round look like stars in the sky from the glass door outside. Dining table is spread outside to the house with green field running across the place.

4.   Field View Modern Exterior New York

Modern exterior design

The grass of the house is like carpet spread across with the shadow of the tree seen on the grass and the house structure is ahead of the grassy plot.

5.   LG House Modern Exterior Edmonton

Modern house exterior design

A tall structure of the house which is indeed very stylish and made in white colour with layers filled outside as compartment is a marvellous sight for the eyes.

6.   SD House in Edmonton Canada

SD modern house design

Grey paint of the single box like house which has wooden structure in one side of the wall that is outside and grass in the front is a basic design to yearn for.

7.   Hill House Exterior Melbourne, Australia

Hill house exterior design

A football designed lounge sort of canopy in tilted version looks beautiful and has lights throughout the place which shines through. There is green grass spread across and ceiling small lights are perfect for the structure. Simple structures are never out of date and you do not get bored with it time and again.

8.   West Van modern Residence, Vancouver

West Van modern residence design

The house is designed in a flattering manner and in keeping up with the latest traditions of the house. Wooden structure in layers with metallic rod for the stairway makes it an excellent bet.

9.   Kansas City Residence Modern Living

Modern living room design

All white structure of the panel with glass doors amidst the living room shines through and inside the living room lies a television set and sofas where you can get all the comfort that you want. Alake is spread across the living room which makes it even more peaceful.

10.   Urban Green Exterior Minneapolis

Urban green exterior design

Dark chestnut brown structure of the house that has layers and black board looks ambient. There is a black board with the name plate carved in big and bold. Lights have the power to make the place visible clearly and also give out warm sign.

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