Spectacular Beach residences on the Golden Mile with views over the Mediterranean Sea

Imagine waking up in a modern villa nearby the sea to smear of fresh air and calmness of the sea.  Some of the breathtaking views are seen over the Mediterranean sea through the structures that have been carved out there with marvelous architecture. Swimming pool combined with the beauty of the sea makes it completely enthralling. Properties that are housed near the sea are magnificent with all the amenities.

This property was originally built in the early 80’s for the Saudi Arabian royal family. On the Ground floor: grand entrance hall; reception room with fireplace; living room with bar; music room; formal dining room; games room; fully fitted industrial kitchen; laundry room; 2 guest cloakrooms; en-suite nanny’s bedroom.

First floor: library/sitting area; 2 en-suite master bedrooms and a large terrace with excellent views over the beach and towards the sea.  Second level: 3 large en-suite bedrooms and large terrace. 4 further en-suite guest bedrooms and terraces in the east wing.


1.An Exterior Beach Residence With Dome Shaped Glass Entrance And A Swimming Pool In Front

The house has a dome shaped entrance with glass. One side of the wall is brick laid and the other walls are light yellow painted. Swimming pool lies in front of the dome shaped entrance. Palm trees abound the entire area which are tall in height.

2.An Interior Beach Residence With Arc Shaped Stairs
The hall is arc shaped with stairs. Sofas fill the place and there is another small seating arrangement where small sofas are placed. A big chandelier hangs from the top. The colours of the walls are slightly kept in sync with dirt so the place looks dull from inside.

3.An Exterior With Two Swimming Pool Nestled Side By Side And A View Over The Mediterranean Sea
Two swimming pools nestled side by side are transfixed together and there is the view of the Mediterranean Sea as well. Many trees and grassy plots abound the place. Small potted plants are also kept in between the plank of the swimming pool.

4.White And Yellow Dining Room Interior Beach Residence
The dining room of the house has a huge rectangular wooden dining table with slightly darker walls, chandeliers and 14 chairs. Spare chairs are kept in the corner. Two low wooden cupboard of ancient style is kept in the corner as side table.

5.Cream Drawing Room Interior Beach Residence Seen From The Upper View
Upper view of the hall or the drawing room is viewed and the sofa is seen distinctly with the marbled floor. Two table lamps are kept in the hall. There are also concrete steps which lead to another room from the hall.

6.White And Yellow Drawing Room Beach Residence Interior
Another zone of the drawing room has different colored sofas, a wooden square table, two table lamps, a mid size painting and other small paintings with low ceiling.

7.A playing Room Interior Beach Residence
Playing room with a pool table is the coolest asset in the room. Circular ceiling is carved out from above the pool table which throws much needed light onto the pool table. Two sofas are kept; there is a small wooden piano table and checkered curtains of green shades hang over the sliding door of glass.

8.An Exterior With Two Swimming Pool View Along With A Mediterranean Sea
The view of swimming pool is shown along with the Mediterranean Sea. Blue water and clear skies makes the place beautiful.

9.A House Exterior With The Structure That Looks Like A Turkish Architecture

A different angle from the front of the house which has a dome shaped entrance is a two tier bungalow with glasses embedded in the walls and swimming pool just outside the house. The structure looks like a Turkish architecture.

10.An Interior Beach Residence With A Beautiful View From The Windows
The place looks more like a resort than a house from outside. A different angle from the front of the house which has a dome shaped entrance is a two tier bungalow with glasses embedded in the walls and swimming pool just outside the house. The structure looks like a Turkish architecture

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