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Skylight House Bungalow In Sydney By Andrew Burges Architects

Skylight House  is a summer resort located in Sydney, Australia that soothes your nerves. Green grass and wooden structure is the highlight behind the place. It is nestled in a large area with fences all over in a wooden panel. The house is broad and covers an expansive area. The sky looks in perfect sync with the surrounding. The place looks quite airy and where sunshine can easily penetrate through. There are no floors and all the rooms are in the basement which is a large area. There is an amalgamation of many styles and features in the place that has variations. Different kinds of walls and flooring along with ceiling make the place a fusion of the style that is distinctly seen. Here are some of the picture ideas behind the architectural background of Skylight House :-

The platform is made up of stone

Sloping roof that is slightly gentle of tin sheet and wooden panels over the stone wall acts as a sliding door as well by which you can come in and out of the house. The house is on a high platform that is made up of stone. Green grass fills like a carpet before the house.

 There is a sloping wall which has stone like bricks

The bedroom has wooden flooring and a wall which has wooden furnishing. Wood is of light characteristic. There is a sloping wall which has stone like bricks. A window is placed that have bars but are of multiple shades in wood.

Bars are of wooden furnishing

The window area has rod like bars that are of wooden furnishing. The window is a sliding panel. A shelf is placed with cupboards in the lower panel where you can keep things.

Bed with a round side table

Bedroom has a bed which has a grey colour mattress and yellow and pink colour print. A round side table without any concrete full furnishing is seen and there are hollows.

You can see the field from the inside

Black colour lamp is placed on the side table which is of black colour. The ceiling is of white paint and is very normal. You can see the field from the inside.

Dining and living area design

Dining area and living area is combined. Wooden table with black chairs and wooden legs fill the place in one side and in the other side sofas are placed that is of black leather. A chair is placed opposite the sofa and black leather acts as the seat.

Bonfire is placed in black box

There is a stone wall where bonfire is placed in black box and it is there on two sides on top and as well as in the down. In the entrance a comfortable wooden chair is placed.

 Entire house comes to the view with a camera like structure on the slope

The entire house comes to the view with a camera like structure on the slope. From the distance you can see the house. The structure is expansive.

You can sit on the lower panel

People can enjoy in the little area that is there before you can go inside the house and enter the area through the fields. You can sit on the lower panel as well

The model of the house is drawn on a white paper

A small model of the house comes to picture which is drawn on a white paper. Wooden panel of the house is the highlight of the area.

Basic fencing in sturdy material

There is a basic fencing in sturdy material that looks attractive. The structure is neat and clean. The inside of the house can be seen from the opening.

Lower tier is seen from the top

When the house is opened from the top you can see the lower tier that is also of sturdy material and wooden furnishing that completes the house.

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