Romano Crescent Residence with cool coastal setting in Etesian, Australia

Australia’s project in the coastal setting looks amorphous with crystal clear lines, shades and beautification in and around the place. Greenery along with scenic beauty makes it a countryside house. Blue sky hovers above the cottage.


Below we have Romano Crescent Residence with cool coastal setting in Etesian, Australia pictures for you. There are different rooms such as living rooms,dining areas,kitchen rooms,bed rooms,bathrooms etc. Who wouldn’t enjoy such beautiful places? Here are some of the designs:-

1.An External Romano Crescent Residence With Cool Coastal Setting In Etesian
Lush green grass surrounds the area .With two tiers of the pyramid shaped roof house. Iridescent light fills the house. From the see-through glass curved oval shaped lazy resting chairs are seen in the corridor.

2. Drawing Room Interior Roman Crescent Residence With Cool Coastal Setting In Etesian
The drawing room has wooden flooring with bluish grey velvet sofas and a low wicker tool placed in the area. White ceiling with white lights gives a sombre look to the entire place.

3. White Contemporary Dining Interior Romano Crescent Residence
White porcelain table and chairs for the dining zone is appropriate for the place. The chairs have cushion feel to them. Two hologram lights fitted with yellow bulb spreads light in the area.

4. Living Room Interior Romano Crescent Residence, Australia
A box glass look is the entrance to the living room and from the wide paneled top fitted with silver big metallic fittings the entire place is seen. Greyish carpet is spread below the sofas.

5.  Interior Design of Romano Crescent Residence 

In house working desk and table area in a separate place is a delight. Small wooden table with three white cushion chairs and a wooden shelf like desk on which the vase and books are placed looks neat.

6. Modern Bedroom Interior Romano Crescent Residence 
The bedroom has a white bed with jute fabricated cushions, a low sitting tool and cabinet side table near the bed is sweet and simple layout of the bedroom.

7. Swappy White Porcelain Bathroom Interior Roman Crescent Residence in  Australia,Etesian
Neat and clean swappy white porcelain bathroom with cabinets, washbasin and indented bath tub fills the place with wooden flooring. A small white vase with long green leaf like petals is arranged.

8. White And Grey Contemporary Bedroom Interior
Wooden flooring, pyramid shaped ceiling, white bed, white side table, the corridor opens with a glass shaped sliding door and a round hearth is placed below the bed on the floor.

9. Modern Bedroom Interior Romano Crescent Residence 
The highlight of the bedroom is the enclosed space for keeping the clothes in a wardrobe section by opening the sliding doors and entering the section with white shelves and cupboards.

10. Modern Bathroom Interior Romano Crescent Residence 
Two wash basins on a plank are kept in the bathroom with white vase full of flowers. In the side blue paneled light is fitted with two identical mirrors, mosaic tiles and clean vicinity.

11.White And Grey Interior Romano Crescent Residence With Cool Coastal Setting In Etesian Australia
White sturdy table for eating meals is built from the wall itself and white comfortable square chairs are placed. From the side panel white wash basin is seen with silver tap.

12.Modern Dining And Kitchen Interior Romano Crescent Residence With Cool Coastal Setting In Etesian Australia
Open dining table and kitchen and kitchen create magic with opulent white structures and wooden cabinets filled in the place.

13.A Living Space With An Aquarium Like Structure Romano Crescent Residence With Cool Coastal Setting In Etesian Australia
An aquarium like structure is placed on the wall with white creature and lots of grass seen from the glass outside. It is the living space where the big aquarium is placed.

14.Layer By Layer Dining Area Interior Romano Crescent Residence With Cool Coastal Setting In Etesian Australia
Layer by layer dining tables make the entire place look so lovely with white light leading to blue light in the last section of the dining table.

15.Contemporary Dining Area Interior Romano Crescent Residence With Cool Coastal Setting In Etesian Australia
The wooden dining table and the bluish light around create a wonderful contrast against the very spick and span pristine decor.

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