razor residence Entrance

The Razor Residence in la Jolla California, House of Tony Stark Iron man

Vibrant Breath Taking House of the Ironman

Tony Stark Iron man’s razor residence luxurious house is facing the sea and nature in La Jolla ,California. The house has contemporary architectural features with breath taking views of the sea and the sky horizons of the natural world. Iron man’s house was designed by an architect from San Diego ,USA called Wallace E. Cunningham. Razor residence has for bedrooms, six bathrooms, large garage and two level guest house with access to the Blacks beach. What a holiday destination this contemporary house made of glass walls, white polished concrete and steel makes. Tony Stark’s movie Iron man features this prestigious house, it’s not just in the movie, the house really exists in real life.

Razor Residence is 11,000sq.ft showcasing the transparent glass walls of the house. It is built on top of the cliff that overlooks the pacific ocean in the Torrey Pines State with magnificent  blue sky and ocean views. The Iron man house is considered to be a “trophy property” and “impressive testament to an exclusive luxury lifestyle.” Looking out over a stunning seascape the design incorporates its surroundings and embraces ability of light reflections, and natural features to magnify its design. Take a look at Razor residence in pictures below faburous.com is featuring in today’s post.

House of iron man razor residence

House of the Ironman

When the sun sets the colour and mood of Tony Stark’s razor residence house changes vividly signified with darkness

Iron Man house bedroom Design

Luxury House of the Ironman

Tony stark house sitting area

tony stark house

Tony  Stark house dinette

Tony Stack house  dinette

Sun’s rays coming through the glass wall from the sea horizon into this  elegant house dinette area.


Razor Residence Exteriors sea and sky horizons

razor residence Interior sea and sky horizons

Ton stark house sitting area with sea views of  the unexpected proportions and the amazing piece of architectural design razor residence has.

Tony Stark house bedroom with sea views

ton stark house bedroom

Tony Stark house with glass walls

ton  stark house glass walls

 Tony Stark house  with Pacific Ocean Views

ton- stark-house-glass-sea-views

Tony Stark house on the mountain view

ton stark house on the mountain

Razor Residence At sunset


Razor Residence Corridor


Razor Residence side wall with water feature

razor residence side wall with water feature

razor residence side-wall with shine water feature

Razor Residence Entrance

razor residence Entrance

The sun reflects through the white polished concrete structure then bounces to the glass walls in the morning.

razor residence Infinity Pool

Sophisticated infinity pool with beautiful nature views nicely designed walls of the razor residence building.

azor residence Exterior

The exterior architecture and pattern of Razor Residence is a real attraction to people on it’s own with amazing views of the sea line offering a relaxing holiday atmosphere.

razor residence glass wall living room

Razor residence floor to ceiling glass wall functional living room design .

razor residence Masters Bedroom

Razor residence master bedroom with more space and elegant modern furniture suitable for this contemporary home.

razor residence second bedroom

Bedroom with not so much furniture but has enough for this functional minimalist bedroom

 razor residence dazzling garage

The dazzling garage that shows off an exclusive pair of legendary Aston Martin deluxe cars that Stark used in his Ironman Movie.

razor residence exterior stair curves and lines

Razor residence exterior stair curves and lines carefully planned and skillfully designed as it complements the elegant effects of the glass wall.

Ton stark house Floor Plan


Razor Residence floor plan a brief outline of how it was made.

Having seen the various parts Razor residence on how it was made and looks like. We now know that this is the real house of iron man which suits the theme of the Iron man movie.  It has remarkable landscapes and views that makes this house a great masterpiece of Wallace E. Cunningham , the designer of this Razor Residence. The infinity pool that imitates the serenity of the place as well as the landscape of the courtyard adds more mind blowing features to the Tony Stack house design. The elements that makes Razor Residence stand out more among other modern luxury homes is centered around the design of the floors,ceilings and the glass walls that allows natural light to brighten the interior and exteriors of the house.

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