The Prospect house in La Jolla, San Diego, California

Prospect House is one of the main beaches in San Diego California  built on abandoned brown field site which has been vacant since 1992. The architect Jonathan Segal  built this urban residence  for his family and an onsite architecture studio for himself. This 7,200 square foot unique contemporary house design stands out from other house architectures. It has a contemporary  box shape design, transparency, enough natural light coming in and inspiration views. Prospect house has a main living room area surrounded by a reflecting pool on the side and a glass floor on another.  It is located in Lo Jolla, California resting on and supported by Corten steel wall planes, providing both privacy and noise proof.  Have a look on how Prospect house look in pictures we are featuring in post today.

  prospect house with amazing exterior views


prospect house views

Prospect house at night looks stunning with lights on,You can see the green surroundings with other residences around it.  Just looking at this photo you can tell straight way that this box shape house has a modern design character.

Prospect house Chinese symbol

chinese sympbol of prospect house

This Chinese writing symbol on prospect house exterior walls tells me that the architect of this residence combined a bit of Chinese inspiration in making this house stand out from other contemporary buildings.

 prospect residence

stunning views of prospect house

All angles of prospect house showcasing it’s exterior architectural design. It has some sort of a holiday feel such that if you get a chance to spent a night in it you would feel like you are on home and away.

Prospect House Glass Floor Corridor



This is getting interesting, imagine waking up and you are stepping on a glass corridor of your house. That is what the prospect house family have, perhaps you can come up with a design that has some of the characteristics as prospect house.

Prospect House Interior Design


prospect house residence


Prospect-House-interior-design with bar and dining

Prospect House design showing box interior



On the Interior design pictures of the Prospect house in California we get to see how well designed it is inside.  It has an open plan design which gives the house bags of space for kids to play around and move about. In one of the pictures above we also get to see the box shape relaxing seating place which offers a relaxing atmosphere. The Kitchen, bedroom and living room designs have contemporary features that forms a contemporary home.

The Prospect house, house plan Layouts







On the house plans above we get to see how the Prospect house ,house plan layouts look like and somehow how it was made.  From a house plan to an outstanding architectural masterpiece that lays on the once abandoned land in La Jolla, California.

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