Open Space Brazilian Modern House Design

This MG modern house design is located in western Sao Paulo suburbs in Brazil. It has the open space design that creates lots of room and cozy environment around the house. The house has four levels with a big garage that can accommodate 10 cars at once,a basement,service units,other facilities and a swimming pool.It is a true luxurious house design for modern family retreat.  Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados ,the architects of this beautiful looking project designed this contemporary home with the idea of keeping people together in harmony determines the interconnected spaces.

Glass incorporated in the building architecture around this house allows plenty of light to come through. The house is transparent enough to see where the kids are in the house when they are playing. You can also see your visitors when they are sited in function rooms such as living room,kitchen or children’s room.




Relaxing sitting area allowing people to look outside through glass walls when they are having a relaxing time.


Looking through the glass walls makes you appreciate the lovely outside views especially the stunning blue swimming pool area and the green flowers and trees fence.




exterior of modern house with swimming pool

This house design is economic and money saving in it’s  own way,when the lights are off the house still allows natural light in through glass walls. It has the ability to collect heat in summer months too proving to be energy saving.

Balcon of modern house design


modern house design gym-space

wooden floor in modern house

beautiful tone wall exterior modern house

glass doors in modern house


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