Modern Sleek Colourful Home with Beautiful Landscape Views in Saint Raphael, France

Quirky twist to the landscape is a welcome shift from the classical furniture. Rich colours together with green landscape look marvellous. The design is quite artistic and it appears that it has been taken from raw material of furniture. So the concept of sustainability and green environment is the focus of the place. France is known for its fashion throughout which is quite amazing when you look at the house. The nitty gritty items that are placed in the area are also highlighted. There is something extraordinary about the place and throws in an element of surprise. The natural colours are fused with experimenting colours and it surely looks as if it is inspired by designer or painter. The zone of this Modern Sleek Colourful Home is very modern with multiple things in the space to look at.

 Infinity Swimming Pool Views

Palm trees with big branches surrounds the the pool

Palm trees with big branches and wooden plank on which pillows are kept for resting. There is a separate lounge area with fluorescent colour sofas and dining table. The view is no less than a sea side.

Unique Bath Tub In The Outside

White colour square big tub with water inside

Bath tub in the outside is something never seen before. White colour square big tub with water inside and tooth like shaped sitting stool is kept on the side. The place is unpolished and has big steps but the bathing tub is kept on wooden plank.

 Shadow Of The Birds Form On The Brim

colourful home with shadow of the birds

Shadow of the birds form on the brim and the ceiling with walls on the opposite side of the swimming pool but it looks as if it is painted in shadow out there. A wind sheet material of the swing also acts as a resting chair.

Modern Sleek Colorful Home With View Of The Tub

 The resting chairs are inverted with black colour


View of the tub from a different angle show that it is filled with water and the resting chairs are inverted with black colour. There is green colour resting chairs on the other side. There is a small and low table on which things are kept. There is also a hollow like structure on the wooden plank.

 Living Room With Balloon Like Lights Fused Together On Top


The inside of the living room has balloon like lights fused together on top. Low sofas without back rest and green colour sofas outside makes a contrast picture. Round sleek marble table is placed in the center and soft chairs of black leather are placed around it.

 Colorful Home Interior With A Square Polished Leather Sofa

Home interior with green accent color

A square polished leather sofa of white colour and rectangular cushions placed on it has a black arc; two big cushions are placed on the floor. A glass round swing is also kept in the side which hangs from a black colour string. Black wall of the adjacent wall has a LCD television.

Sitting And Dining Design

Modern sitting and dining area

Mesh like network of white colour center table is placed before the sofa. The sofa is black in colour. On the other side a round table with black chairs is kept. White marble flooring and a modern painting of the cupid can be seen.

Bedroom With Pink Wall Colour And Bed Spread

Modern sleek colorful bedroom design idea


Pink is the colour of the wall and the bed spread. The wall is of dark colour pink and the bed spread is of baby pink colour. It is amusing to see a round bed along with the bath tub kept in the side. Low wide sofas of pink colour are also kept on the other side. The place looks bit clustered with lot of things thrown in.

Small Pink Colour Inn Houses Kitchen Articles Inside

Kitchen with a small microwave kept in the lower plank

Small pink colour inn houses kitchen articles inside. There is a small microwave kept in the lower plank. On the top there is a round white colour basin with tap. It acts as a tore house as it has a door which can be closed and opened giving it a look of the cupboard.

 Bedroom Has Printed Spread On The Bed

Bedroom with a black bed

The bedroom has printed spread on the bed which is different than the pink and the white colour. The cabinets or the cupboards are like square boxes. The bed is of black colour but the spread is multicolored.

Bathroom Is Of Light Weight Wooden Filling Characterising The Bath Tub

Bathroom with massive wash basin area

Bathroom is of light weight wooden filling characterising the bath tub. Wash basin area is massive and auburn colour wall paper on the wall of it. Horizontal glass is embedded on the washbasin.

Modern Colorful Bedroom With The Wooden Bath Tub On The Other Side

Modern bedroom design

The structure comes into full view as there is no wall separating the bedroom from the bathroom. Very queer but interesting!

Colorful Bedroom With Green Colour Bed

Green colour bed with light wood table is arranged in the room

Green colour bed with light wood table is arranged in the room. A black round structure hangs on the wall.

Bedroom With Red Accent

Modern sleek colorful bedroom design

Modern bedroom with red accent color. The green vegetation is seen from the glass door. The bed,bed cover and the chair are all in red and this makes the room look smart.

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