Modern house exterior

Modern Houses with shingle siding

Shingle siding gives modern houses a beautiful texture and shape options with bold colours to make the exteriors stand out.  Houses are made with modern look and give a sombre feel. It also makes the place bright and luminous with greenery all over the place. Wooden fittings all over with flooring and concrete structure give a neat and clean look to the place. Barren land and no vegetation with grass all over give the place its much needed platform. Granulated stone flooring combined with plants and glass windows are the highlights of the place. Most of the other houses which are modern have beautiful handles all over. Here are some of the ideas behind:-

1.   Modern House Exterior

Modern house exterior with a metallic bin outside

Umbrella structure placed on the table acts as the shade of the eating arrangement. A metallic bin outside gives a finishing look to the house. A small square hill is in built in the stoned wall and allows ventilation to pass through.

2.   Wooden Structure With Sliding Door And Black Panel

Modern house exterior

Barren land with plant fixed inside gives a cultivated feel to the outside of the house but wooden structure with sliding door and black panel gives a holistic look to the place.

3.   Amazing House Design

Farmhouse with colourful roofing

Green sloping roof of the house in one cottage and a stoned structure of the roof of the other cottage side by side gives a colourful appearance to the place and glass windows with wooden door makes it an earthy appearance of the entire place.

4.   Midcentury Exterior Design

Wooden house surrounded by grass and bush

Unpolished marble stairs leading to a high top of same tiles along with glass doors and black panel radiates through the entire place and numerous lights all over makes the place shine. It looks sculpted with latest fashion.

5.   Garden House With Fresh Grass And Flower

contemporary house with sliding windows

Garden house with fresh grass and flowers spread across look beautiful and windows that can be slide are amazing which look in sync with the house. Rough flooring of the entrance is in stark contrast to the structure of the house.

6.   Rustic Exterior With White Stone Structure

Rustic exterior design

Old world charm in a new bottle with blue skies and white stone structure acting as stairs of the cobbled path makes it shiny. Brown bricks of the house seem as if it has come straight from the fairy tale book of children.

7.   Triangular Patterned House

Triangular patterned house grey stone pillar on one side

Triangular pattern of the house that acts as a castle with bricks all over and grey stone pillar on one side is also a classy look. Grass spread across with red bush is ambient to the structure that is built.

8.   Castle Shaped House

Castle shaped house with wooden door

Wooden door and brick top of the castle shaped house gives an out an out look to the place and glass semi circular look to the place which is attached as window gives a useful feel from the inside as well as from the outside of the house. Big boulders are spread in the side panel and grassy meadow is spread across beyond the stony structure.

9.  Brown Shingle Sliding house

 Shingle Sliding house

Gravel path in wide structure and a grassy meadow with big wooden house which also takes up place looks like a mansion in the area. The stairs are also wide to descend and ascend.

10.   High Pedestal House

High pedestal house with variegated plants scattered all over the place

The side view of the high pedestal house shows twin colours-m crème and dirty yellow bricks with variegated plants scattered all over the place.

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