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Modern House Features

When designing a dream home it helps to go through a number of modern house design tips that showcases different styles of modern house features. That way you know your new building will have modern house features you will be happy of. Things like materials you will use in the architectural structure of your modern home design matters. Will it be a mixture of wood, concrete finish, steel and zinc metals, glass walls or a modern brick house?

Modern designing is unique and much of a minimalist in style. Choose the right colors, textures and clean lines for a modern design. In planning and designing a modern house it does not matter how big the house you are building will be. A dream home is a house that will make you and your family feel happy and comfortable to live in.

Here are vital modern house Design tips and features to Reflect On below.

1. White Cedar Shingles Modern House San Francisco

modern design

image source: jeffkingandco

Modern house located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The house house has high quality natural cedar shingles with untreated machiche wood decking, blue stone patio, aluminum clad windows, copper gutters and galvanized railings.

2.  Cycle House Seattle, WA

 Seattle modern house

image source: chadbournedoss

Custom designed modern house by chadbourne + doss architects with panoramic views of Lake Washington. Love the materials used to build this modern home.

3.  Street Facing Exterior Modern House
Modern House,Toronto

Image source: taylorsmyth

Stunning compact modern house, designed by Taylor Smyth Architects, gets a very strong sense of entry from the golden-tone wood on the first floor, which looks even stronger awash in lights in the evening. The horizontal wood panels (wood fiber resin panels) seamlessly run to both the front and garage doors. The skinny double columns centered on the front facade are a nice touch.

4.  Modern House Orange County

modern house Orange

image source: horst-architects

Modern house design with unique garage and hidden car port underneath. minimizing windows probably give more support to house, more privacy, easier to keep cool . Combination of materials, colors, textures, lines that suggest angles, gaps for influence.

5.  Mazama Ranchero ,Seattle, WA

Contemporary house Seattle

image source: castarchitecture

Modern house with clean purpose lines,pure planar roof, floorplan, design and openness . Simple modern architecture made of concrete and maintenance-free Cor-Ten steel siding above. The building has lots of windows which brings in heat during the low winter sunshine.

6.  Lobster Boat Residence Seattle, WA
 modern house by  chadbourne + doss architects

image source: chadbournedoss

Seattle modern house designed by chadbourne + doss architects is a composition of wood, steel, and cement panel. 4 floors and a roof deck connect indoors and out and provide framed views of Portage Bay. The wooden material makes the house look warm.

7.  Neskowin Beach House Design

Neskowin Beach House

photographer  Bob Greenspan,  image source: houseplans

Contemporary beach house design on a hill overlooking the sea with amazing views.  Architecture and windows of the house have a modern and eco approach to the design.

8. PH-1 Modern House Design

modern house Vancouver

image source: placearchitects

Modern house design with nice of use of colors with a feng shui effect. materials used are light wood,hardi panels and fleetwood windows for the exterior design.

9.  Arrowcreek Modern House

Reno, Nevada, United States

image source: brinkcustomhomes

This modern brick custom home design gives an idea of how one could construct their own modern dream home. The design of the roof above the front door keeps the porch area dry while adding a nice design to the house. The way the Driveway comes up to the Entrance is stylish. Window configuration left of the front door, great for the living room.

10. Spira Mirabilis House

house design

image source: banyontreedesign

Strong intersecting planes and warm, earthy colors mark the entrance of the home.From the curb to the front door, the entry path is designed as a series of layers. This promotes privacy as well as encourages garden intrigue. The protruding concrete wall blends seamlessly with the walls added by Port.Blueberry bushes planted in front of the lower concrete wall.

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