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Modern house design with up to date style

Driven by social, political and technological revolutions, modern architecture was developed upon the turn of the 20th century. The main features of modern architecture are simple forms and structure-bound ornamentation. Symmetry is not a characteristic of modern architecture; instead, volumes, parallelism, clean-cut, and linear concepts emerged. Stainless steel, metal and aluminum are materials that you frequently notice in modern houses. While design style remains a personal preference, modernism is one style that pleases most; not ornamental yet not extreme minimalism.

The following 10 photos show samples of modern houses that demonstrate the versatile spaces and up-to-date materials of this style.

1. Peninsula House in California

Modern House Design

Three volumes of different heights form the Peninsula House. This concept created interesting terrace area, several glazed walls and an exciting circulation. The modern spirit is fully present especially with the use of stainless steel railings, metal cladding, aluminum window and door frames and metal roofs.

2.  Golden Beach Florida

Modern House Designs And Ideas

The minimalist architecture matches the coastal surrounding by incubating greenery and natural light to the fullest. The triple height glass wall opens up to a beautiful landscape that promises its inhabitants a happy experience. The Zen approach give the house a luxurious yet friendly look.

3. Forest House in Seattle

Modern House Designs and Style

This contemporary Seattle house fits its forest surrounding perfectly by having cedar façade cladding. The expansive patio provides the inhabitants with a relaxing space to enjoy the beautiful landscaping.

4. Abbots Way Southampton, UK

Modern House Design and Setting

This ultra-modern award-winning house is based on a linear concept where the house functions are distributed along an axis creating multiple interior and exterior spaces. The large stone wall axis penetrates the house and creates four garden spaces and links the living areas to the patio and the landscape.This Abbots Way Southampton, UK house is definitely a proof that modern architecture fulfills both form and function.

5. Fisher Road Residence , Dallas

Modern House Design And Decor

Natural stone, natural wood and steel integrate perfectly to give a light mountain one-story house. All architectural elements from form to surrounding to openings give you a strong feeling of grounding.

6. Cat Mountain Residence

modern home with swimming pool

The first thing that one notices in this house is the alignment of differently-heighted volumes which surround the inner court. This alignment, together with the extensively glazed facades, allows the visual connection between the interior and the exterior on one hand, and the different interiors to each other on the other hand. The house’s architecture integrates modern forms to vintage materials, resulting in a transitional style.

7. Modern Urbanfront Terano London

Modern Urbanfront Terano London

The timeless contrasting white-black combination alleviates the modernity of this clean-cut Urbanfront Terano, London house.

8. Modern House San Francisco

modern house

A restricted color palette and parallelism give this house a tranquil warm ambiance. The black aluminum framing, charcoal grey volumes and wood cladding add a dramatic effect.

9. Modern House California

modern house beach style

The first thing that catches one’s sight in this California residence is the contemporary asymmetric structure with the spacious wooden patio. The elongated swimming pool integrates with the building in a mortise-and-tenon fashion, and thus leading the viewer to the green surrounding.

10. Karuna Passive House, Portland

modern home wood structure

The clean-cut modern Karuna House is so striking due to the neat lines and few colors used. The hill-top location urges the integration of big glazed facades.


Modern architecture has dramatically altered not only the form and material of architecture, it has also transformed the living experience, and by that changed the way people perceive the place they call “home.”


Interior Architect. "Beauty is a promise of happiness" - Alain De Botton. Plants, animals and inanimate objects affect the life of a human being in all aspects, which is the reason why architecture and design are the extension of human nature ”just as the beehive is an extension of the bee’s nature, and the bird’s nest is an extension of the bird’s nature.” (Marcantonio, International Arts Forum 2013) Surround yourself with what makes you happy, that is the ultimate beauty.

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