Modern house

Modern House Design of Peribere Residence Miami, Florida

The Peribere Residence is intriguing with south facing medium. The setting is based in antiquity with expansive view. The lifestyle offers a garden area. Swimming pool area is also present in the residence. The sky is in perfect coordination with the residence. Medium altitude places the house in its natural surroundings. Some English style interiors are visible and the elements make the place galore in its completeness. Grassy plot to sea coverage everything seems to light up. Lights make the place bloom in freshness. Every necessary furnishing is provided in the house. To know and have a look at the pictures you can go through them. The pictures make you sit in awe of its sophistication. The interiors of  Peribere Residence have a vibrant and charming appeal.

Peribere residence in Miami

house has white paint

The house has white paint and is of two tiers. Horizontal glass windows look like doors. Green field can be seen.

Swimming pool

Swimming pool area before you enter the house looks radiant and resting chairs are placed. Open barbecue can be seen in the outside. Foliage fills the place near the swimming pool.

courtyard of the house

A courtyard of the house is opulent with wooden layer like flooring and glass fence overlooking the blue sea with coconut trees.

Living room with white coloured sofas

Black and white look of the living room with white coloured sofas and black hard floor is in contrast to the other rooms.

Bedroom with a white bed

Bed in the living room area looks something weird but when you move in closely you feel that it is open bedroom and stairs lead you up.

Bathroom with a washbasin and bathing tub area


Bathroom with a wall paper

Bathroom shows washbasin area and bathing tub area. On the other side black print wallpaper is placed with a shelf where perfumes are kept.

Sports room with low and soft sofa

Sports room has a monogram attached on the door with low and soft sofas look cool. The room lies low.

The staircase leads up

The staircase is wooden and a shelf is placed where you can keep books.

Sofa with grey shelves behind

A brown colour sleeping sofa in the corridor with grey shelves acts as book space. A modern chandelier looks bright and different.

Porcelain spa tub looks so great and unconventional

The room has a spa tub of porcelain that looks so great and unconventional. A wooden shelf rests a mini plant.

Bedroom with a low bed

The room has low bed in white mattress. The white cupboards are polished. A rocking chair is placed in one side which is made of plastic and has wooden legs.

Raised up structure with steps on the opposite side

Wooden floor with a raised up structure has a black colour table and on the opposite side has steps.

Overlooking the wooden floor is a glass fence

Candle chandeliers hang from the white ceiling

Overlooking the wooden floor is a glass fence and candle chandeliers hang from the white ceiling with white rope.

Dining zone with wooden table

Dining zone in grey colour with wooden table and high rise white polished chairs and a show piece of bunny looks cute.

Big dining zone

Living zone with an art decor

Frills of Marilyn Monroe’s whitish grey dress seems to be hanging over the big dining zone. It adds mysteriousness and sex appeal to the place. A Spartan show piece in bronze adds sparkle.

Glass chandelier looks like diamonds

Glass chandelier looks like diamonds when you move out of one section of the house.

Modern house


The passage leads to the house

Green grass with glass door and wooden panel doors make it look lofty.


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