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Mid Century Modern Home Renovation By Jamison Architects

The mid century modern home was the upper duplex of an original early 1980’s duplex building, practically pinned to the side of the steep hill, the site drops away from beneath it. In essence the brief was to open up the living spaces to the incredible view that had been restricted by a low roof and small windows and add a second storey with master suite and outside entertainment area so that their fantastic location could be aptly enjoyed.

Site access was difficult and the logistics of fire separation, town planning requirements and structural challenges with adding the additional storey provided a myriad of design and construction challenges. The result has been well worth the effort and the new home is a testament to everyone working together to achieve the greater goal. Enjoy the house tour of this Modern House Renovation .

Renovation Of A 1960s Home to A Modern Home Design

Exterior of the modern house

wood and concrete wall

Bedroom With Lounge Area

luxury bedroom

bedroom furniture

bedroom design

The new master suite is expansive and luxurious including a bedroom, lounge retreat, joinery, ensuite and walk in robe. It can be opened to connect with the covered entertainment terrace and lounge retreat or screened off for privacy creating a very versatile and usable space.

Living Room with Huge Window

modern living room

The new double height living area and expansive northern window opening up views to the Pacific Ocean and Gold Coast skyline is nothing short of impressive. Articulated with thoughtful glazing solutions and veiled in decorative screening for both sun control and privacy

Dining Area with High Ceilings

dining room design

The dining and the living room shares the same floor space with high ceilings featuring pendant light hanging over table.  The placement of new windows and the use of solid operable louvres strengthened the connection to the green environment whilst still maintaining privacy from neighbours.

Staircase With Timber Cladding



Living room floor area with contemporary staircase with timber cladding to entry wall.

stairway views

Open staircase with views to main living rooms. Recessed wall feature for sculpture display. The entry has glass awning roof over.with timber cladding to external and internal walls and entry pivot door.

Modern Bathroom And Powder Room

bathroom renovation

Master Suite En-suite with timber veneer to vanity joinery featuring pendant lights and free standing bath in front or marble lined wall.

bathroom design

Powder Room with featuring pendant lights and concealed timber doors. Nice round mirror on grey wall and modern bathroom fixtures.

Outside entertainment Area

outdoor sitting space

balcony with views

Outside entertainment balcony area with ocean views and the surrounding area to Master Suite. Vertical louvres for privacy to neighbours.

Modern Home Renovation Exterior Architecture

house renovation

Jamison Architects in Australia say the clients had a strong brief and were very involved in the design and construction of the project from concept right through to interior and exterior selections and the finishing touches, making it very personal.

Quite often it is the most challenging projects that result in the most amazing architectural responses. This renovation project was like no other, fraught with a list of site and building constraints, the transformation of this home is quite remarkable and the clients agree; they could not be happier.

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